65m tri plans

Well today i found and registered with this excellent forum, there’s more info on multis here than I can throw a stick at…sooo…at the high risk of starting another world war , can any one provide plans for a well behaved 65M tri, I am in the midst of a mini40 tri but since this 65M class seems to be so popular, I though I might just throw one of these together as well.



  1. Where are you located?
    Many don’t like to say, but the desire is to be able to (perhaps) find others close by so sailing together can increase the fun.

  2. Plans - Siri has done the prototype “foam” 65M trimaran and I believe he has posted the line drawings. He posts on several forums, and I can’t recall which one they are on. I will have a peek and if I can find them, will post here (line drawings at best, link at worst). Keep in mind, most “plans” can consist of just a series of cross-section templates. For some odd reason, detailed, and step-by-step insructions aren’t developed or posted - although one of several “BUILD LOGS” include enough photos to give a good understanding.

  3. The 65M is the newest of the multihull bunch, and I have posted lines for a 1 meter (MultiONE) trimaran which can be reduced slightly and probably work. You can always reduce the F48 sized drawings, but too easy to lose buoyancy so scaling needs to be done in length to 65cm, but in volume much less. I also posted drawings for a reduced version of GHOST TRAIN, but as I build I amconcerned about float volume issues. Until it hits the water, it is too early to tell - but needless to say, the build will allow me to remove/exchange floats if I find I have issues. For sure, rig is being placed further toward stern, as is daggerboard.

  4. Keep watch on this area of this forum, as it is the most active in English. Another wonderful forum is the German one and a page translator is needed unless you speak German. Again, - good photos helps one understand what/how it’s being built.

Will be nice to have you as part of the group, but remember, regardless of size, you are building two (or three) hulls - not one, and many have lost interest and fallen by the side of the road.


Here are the drawings and VERY limited building instructions for my 1 Meter trimaran. When printing drawing of cross section templates, be sure to enlarge so the (measured) scale line is of proper length. You can reduce length if you wish - I haven’t had time to do that yet.

Hello Dick, and thankyou for the welcome…been a long time since we last talked…

I have set up camp in Auckland, NZ.

Cheers for the plans, I will take a close look at these this weekend, Ernst has kindly sent me a set of drawings for his smaller tri…the same one that Siri has built I think??.

Anyways, I will take a good look at my options and start a build next week…too many hulls to build…no problem…bring it on…nothing I would rather do…In fact am about to start building three gas boat plugs which will give me 7 sets of hull plugs on the work bench…Will try to align build stages so to economise time and materials,i.e…laminate one or laminate 7, spray prime 1 or spray prime 7??.

Well into my Mini40 build now though, about to spray a coat of Duratec surface primer on the hulls…love that stuff!!.



Ok, so I thought I might start building some experimentation foils for forward sections of Mini 40 float hulls, can anyone out there provide a few pics of what I should be looking to build, the only pics I can find are taken from angles which make it difficult to ascertain the curve and shape of foils on Orma 60’s.

Any help much appreciated


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