535 mm. class needed

With the loss of Graupner and it’s Micro Magic not having been produced for a year now I think it’s time to have a new class of the same size but not tied to one manufacturer. So I would like to hear what others think of changing the MM class to “535 class” so that Blackstar and other manufacturers could compete with Micro Magics. They would all have the same length, carry the same sail area and weigh approximately the same. What do others think?

Why not !
The “New Class” shall meet the Amya Requirements as per section 7 of http://www.theamya.org/about/bylaws.php

Jack, is williston still the speed trap capital of the world? LOL Also whay kind of bike?

I guess the big question does the amya really need another class of boats? I feel we are already pretty watered down.

why not take up the rg65 one design with the dragon force.

I do like the idea of the semi controlled class, but I think you’d end with a few guys building/designing their own boats with better hull shapes which would make other mass produced boats obsolete pretty quick…

are you thinking on something like that? http://p-sails.blogspot.de/search/label/Pimäjick

I am just building the prototype of something comparable to the MM …

Btw, the MM is manufactured again with some modifications in the hull. The kit and the RTS version are coming now from Asia.
For my opinion all the discussions around the MM as a one-design class has become obsolete by this. Follow the description and the dicussions in the German MM Forum http://www.micromagic-segeln.de/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=26

It seems to me like this thread is asking for opinions, so here is mine.

MM is a great little boat, highly tunable and enjoyable.

But rc sailing is not football, meaning that there are no billions of people that are interested in it.

Those of us who are competitive tend to stick to classes like rg65, IOM and M, because of stiffcompetition and excellent boats. We always want more people to show up at events… …that is why we do not support all possible emerging classes, because potential competitors are drawn away.

Those who are not as competitive in spirit can/could choose older designs from the three classes above. They are much cheaper, and sail very well. I have plenty experience with kit boats and the majority of them performs badly out of the box. People who choose kit boats are usually new to the sport and if their first experience is bad they won’t stay with the hobby…

For example we have a 750mm national class here in Slovenia. Everyone who is know to sail rc here, owns at least one 750mm boat. We have a national championship, we saw plenty smaller size boats at the races, like MMs, victorias etc. all had bad results… …and they never came back despite the numorous invitations.

We are somewhat hindered by the “don’t change anything” mentality here in Slovenia, so we still sail a unique class, but with the coming year many of other sailors(not just me) will have an international class boat ready to sail. (Starting with rg65 and switching to IOM in a couple of years, joining the Croatians)
The rg class is the closest to our 750mm, in addition to that there are more than 20 different free plans available for those who want to build a boat. For those who just want to sail there is dragonforce and couple of other ready to sail kits.

This is why we(the biggest enthusiasts) try to direct the interest of all rc sailors in Slovenia into classes that are not only accessible but already have strong international events/communities.