I am building a 50/800 class sailboat. It is the Bingo kit from Dumas. I am looking if anybody has information on replacing the wood mast and arms with an aluminum or carbon one. If so I would appreciate any info where to by the mast.

Try Great Basin Model Yachting ( http://gbmy.com/ )

They carry a wide array of fittings, parts, sails, etc. and in general are a great company to do business with.

Your 50/800 is (now) more commonly called a Marblehead (or “M” Class) so if you are searching - use those parameters. GBMY (above) carries both carbon/graphite as well as aluminum masts. Bob Sterne (Bob’s Boatyard) in Canada also carries M Class parts.

For the jib and main booms, you can always substitute carbon fiber arrow shafts which are available at local sporting goods or archery shops. Kite Shops can also be an alternative place to buy carbon rods or tubes, plus they carry fabric if you desire to sew up your own set of sails.

Good luck in your build.

Consider membership in the American Model Yacht Association - AMYA at www.AMYA.org (or net)

Thanks for the info I will check it out.

Hello, I built the Bingo and found it sailed really good.

I cannot see why you would want to put carbon on it? If your got a problem of weight why don’t you take some wood off the mast. Perhaps take some wood off inside the mast?

Some boats, particularly the older boats need a stiffer mast and your putting a carbon one on is not going to improve that boat’s performance.

Some people are at a loss to explain to you on how you can improve an older style boat and suggest putting a carbon up!

Here is some suggestions of improving your boat , before you start with the carbon.

1# smooth the bum of the boat with 850 wet and dry.
2# take the slop out of the rudder fittings
3# get a new set of sails off some good sail maker
4# get some training on Racing and Starting procedures
5# race more often

after you have tried all these, you will at least know the next direction.
The whole fun of the exercise is to beat the opposition with your old Bingo, without resorting to carbon, the modern sailors Idol.

when I built Bingo (if my memory serves me) had a wooden teardrop mast, made with two pieces of wood? Are you going to replace it with a round mast? The boat came with a white gelcoat finish. I wonder how many coats of paint it has now? If it has many coats, you might try shedding them?


Hi Steve
Well I have actualy just started on building the boat. I like the old designs and i think it will be a great boat. It was is in the back of my shop and other things got in the way. LOL
I was just wondering what was better for a mast. I am not looking forward to shaping the mast. Did you make it round ot tear shape.
Any help would be great.
I have the keel put in and the rudder set up done. The radio tray is installed. If I get time I post a couple of pictures.

G’day Wolfman, one of the things you should do is put a S/steel bolt to take the keel.

I did the teardrop one… because it looked good. Well it is not exactly tear drop but you know what I’m talking about.

Try not to change too many things with this boat. For it is very well designed and it will really go if your faithfull to the design.

The Mast. The mast I made was built in three(3) pieces, two outers and a inner thin ply. Now if I were you I would go for mast rings rather than jackline and hooks. So I guess you might have to go round.

Don’t cut the little bit at the transom on the bottom of the huill , it works really well. Try to keep the sail ratios right for that boat. Maybe a really good set of Black sails or Carr sails should do the trick.They will both know what a Bingo was.

On the mast outers you can carefully hollow them out a bit on the inside. I liked them as it came sort of thing, with the general shaping up and Shipmate it looked WOW when polished. I used Fisher gear on my mast but alas they’re not availiable any more.

You know Wolfman that wood mast have their own special way of bending. It will be something you will have to learn but it is a great learning process and I bet you will be telling people in years to come, on how good your wood mast is.

You may want to try GRP Model Yachts (http://www.modelyachting.com/). Adrian Olsen sells a two different one piece tapered carbon masts. The longer one will work well on a Marble head.

As for the other spars, try graphite golf club shafts. You can get blanks from almost any golf shop. But if you don’t mind visiting benifit shops (thrift shops) you can usually find old graphite golf clubs for as little as $1.00(US) each. The shafts have thick walls that accept drilling and screws fairly readily. As a bonus you some have pretty nifty paint on them.


Yeah Wolfman , it should be a pleasing experience?


Hi steve
What did you use for the sail control. I have a drum type servo that rolls the line up. Would a control arm be better.

Yes, either is good as one another. I built mine with the flat gearbox with the arm, I think Dumas was putting it out. while I’m about it I think Dumas has given R/C yachts great service over the years.

Try to keep the weight right in the boat. Has your boat got the clear plastic’ hatch cover on it? Stick a little bit of foam under it in case you loose it overboard.

You know Wolfman, the under water sections near the transom, give the hull a almost double- ended performance and this has to be good.

Try to taper the mast a bit at the top last third. The taper on the front of the mast.


It has a white fiberglass hatch same as the boat. I will glue some foam under it.