49 ers

Anyone know of any Lines plans for a 49’er

Marc - might try contacting the class and see what they have available. http://www.49er.org/class-info
It is how I got my lines for the 110 Class for a US1M boat.

Since the class was/is built for Olympic competition and they have licensed builders, it is probably a semi-one design and I’m not sure how willing they will be - just send a photo surrounded by all your boats to assure you are looking at a much smaller scale.


Oh - they have wings and double traps to keep them upright too!

http://9eronline.com/library/ found the library… with cad files…


Interesting… My next project will be the 29er, but a good estimation will be that I finish in about 15 years… :wink:

Did do a little testing/proof of concept on balance systems and genaker up/down systems. Check my youtube channel “Sredna8200” if you would like some inspiration.