48 inch wing sail cat wins Round the Island race in record time

Graham Herbert, local IOM champion sailor, showed up for the Round Protection Island annual race with his AC style 48 inch wing sail cat to win in a new course record time. This race is over 3.5 miles around Protection Island, off Nanaimo harbour in British Columbia. The previous record was 1hr 15 min held by an IOM. Graham shattered the record finishing the course in 49 minutes.

Graham’s boat uses three channels - rudder, sail sheet, and wing camber. The sail self tacks and the camber is controllable, but the twist is preset onshore. The A rig has a three section wing mast made of thin carbon fibre and is hinged at 50%. Everything is scratch built.

The video is a bit jerky for the first few seconds due to the chop and the small camera boat, but stay with it.



Hey John, just one word, bitchin’!

with a cat, id be worried about a capsize…

I’d love to put a wing on a wide body RG…

neat video, neat race…

so do all the skippers ride in a boat around the island, or can you walk around the island and control from shore???

All skippers ride in chase boats.


If it’s a AC style cat, where’s the jib?

It has a jib, but, it is removable when conditions dictate.

The jib is quite small and is used more as a “wind finder” in light air. The camber in the foil can generate all the power the boat needs.


pretty neat and great work :slight_smile: beating the record of an IOM is to be expected but I would also worry about capsizing in a cat. Bet you you can beat that record again with the same wing sail in a trimaran. nonetheless pretty cool work - well done !