40+ boats

Here you go… follow the link to the WOODLAWN SAILING CLUB and see the annual gathering of boats for the Earthday Celebration. We had 40+ boats this year and will top 50 next year.

69 pics just scroll to the bottom.


Larry -

what sizes and construction are your large masts? Cost ?

Not for class racing - but for enjoyment of building (perhaps) - I’m giving some serious thought to a one-off, “monster scale” AC boat. Based on mast size without need to buy custom stuff, I am currently considering something in the 2 -3 meter size. I know I can probably build my own wooden mast and carbon over for stiffness - but at one time I thought you had masts for the J Boat sized creations, and am curious. You can email or PM me.

why not 4m? gets rid of all those expensive r/c bits:)

Brett -

I have a few new power window and seat motors I just found in garage. A 12 volt r/c car pack would provide the power and a forward/reverse switch and drum for winch. Might as well put them to use as jib, main and (maybe) spinnaker winches.

Then again, I have looked closely at the “Mini12’s” they had on the hard at Houston Yacht Club one time when down there. I can squeeze the 3 meter into the bed of the pickup (with keel removed) while a 4 meter requires a trailer so I might as well stick with my 5.5 Meter cat !