3D-Printed IOM

Selwyn Holland just launched our new 3D-printed IOM. Only a breath of air, but it made for some beautiful pictures. Stay tuned for performance reports when the wind picks up a bit :smiley:

Design by Bill Hagerup, fin/bulb by Craig Smith, engineering, printing and assembly by Selwyn Holland.

Bill your designs are getting better looking each time … This one looks impressive and if it sails anything like your footies or rg65 you guys may be on to something here…
I may have to re-start my IOM now.

I know I’ve asked before, but again … how about a US1M for the 3D printer now … :slight_smile:

Thanks, Gio…too many other projects for now, concentrating on the international classes. But maybe if I can get Jim Linville to give me a US1M fin and rig…who knows what the future might bring :slight_smile:

Good news, Gio.

Jim has some stuff I can acquire at a good price, and Selwyn has agreed to print for me. So a 3D USOM is on the way.

The challenge is that the kevlar hulls are so light, 3D printing probably can’t match them. On the other hand, there’s a lot of things that go into making a competitive boat besides a lightweight hull.

When the hull is printed, I’ll build the boat and test it against the fleet in Needham, MA, which includes some great boats and very skilled skippers. If the boat does well, I’ll share the print files. You’ll have to be patient, though…as I said, we’ve a number of things going. We’ll get to it though.

Ohh Ohh,
Thanx Bill, that great news.

So are we going to see that fancy new printed US1M this season? Icebreaker coming up April 8th, and the first US1M regatta is the following week on the 15th. I hope you’ll be there showing off the new boat!