3D Footy performance

Yesterday we had our first Footy regatta of the season in Needham, MA. I’m pleased to say that our 3D-printed boat managed a first place finish in a field of 9 boats, which included some skippers who typically beat me often as not.

No doubt about it…3D-printed boats can compete!

I sailed the boat that I built without an epoxy coat (number 427 in the pic thread), and it was high and dry after a day that started with B rigs, then went to C rigs after the lunch break.

427 was fast and pointed beautifully. She needed quick reactions in the gusty conditions downwind, but handled it as well as any of the boats…better than some. I think I’ll add another 20-30mm to the rudder for the next regatta and see if that will give me a little more control when she dives.

All in all, a great day. Thanks to Selwyn Holland for his outstanding work in applying 3D technology to our sport.