36th America's Cup Gossip

What do you think of the decision to race foiling monohulls? It should be faster than the classic IACC boat, but at least it’s a monohull. I don’t think having the foils sticking up like in the conception drawings looks nice. Maybe you can get used to it after a while.

I can only imagine getting a stay ripped out by a hooked foil! Or maybe a foil hitting the other boat or crew and knocking a crewman off. OUCH.

I think the Kiwis already have a boat built, and maybe the Italians too. I don’t think Oracle has anything yet.

Now, there is a new spec to do away with the wingsail, and they are going with a double-luff main? It’s supposed to eliminate all the work to mount the wing, and in stead go back to a more conventional rig with a furling main & jib.