36 inch boat dilemma

OK guys, here’s an interesting dilemma for you to figure out. Maybe a chance for Lester to sharpen his pencil…

I’m considering building a boat for the USVMYG Vintage 36 class. I have 2 options:

a. Build to a pre-1970 published plan meeting the British R36 rule. This is a “box rule” that resulted in boats about 36" LOA, 10 pounds displacement, about 8 inch draft, with unrestricted sail area.

b. Build a new design according to the USVMYG rule. This rule restricts designs to 36" LOA, 9 inch draft, 600 sq. inches of sail. A typical boat displaces about 6 pounds.

The question is, which rule has the advantage, and under what conditions?
Comparing two designs I’m considering, a 6 pound boat with 600 inches of sail and 196 inches wetted surface has similar ratios to a 10 pound boat with 800 inches of sail and 260 inches wetted surface. The 10 pounder gets a bit of an edge ratio-wise by going to 1000 inches of sail, but I’m not sure what the practical limit might be.

I’d appreciate opinions and experiences that might help me decide. I’d especially like to hear from any Brits out there sailing in the R36 class. And of course, I’d be interested in any scientific comparisons you might come up with.

Hope you’ll find this fun, and give me a hand at the same time!

Thanks…Bill H

Bill -

since you are here in the US - also take a look at the AMYA recognized class “TRADITIONAL 36” rules which might also meet your fancy and building ideas.

(just a suggestion)

Thanks, Dick. I’m specifically looking at Vintage 36 class, though. It’s not an official AMYA class, but it is sponsored by the Vintage SIG under AMYA. I have a Vintage M that I built a couple years ago, and this year 2 of my clubmembers built Vintage 36 designs. So I think it may be time to join the party. I also want to build another VM and a couple more Footys. If only I could retire to make time for all the half-finished projects in my basement!

My friend Joe built a British design to the R36 rule, where Ned built to the American Vintage rule. Ned’s lighter boat currently has the edge, but Joe hasn’t put on sails more than 600 inches. I suggested he try his IOM A rig, but we probably won’t get a chance to compare until next season.

Bill H