32 inch i perf boat

i was thinkin of building a skiff type planing boat in the upcoming year after my one meter. has anyone tried this yet? but almost like a true skiff to get rid of confusion not like iom skiff. it’d be a mostly flat water boat, but in a breeze with out a whole lotta chop on the pond it would just plane around. realitively low ballast whole boat weighing in at a little under 3 pounds. any ideas?

i love tinkering with these boats it takes up time i’m sure my girfreind is going to hate it soon

I’ve experimented a lot with real skiff type hull shapes in models and so far no luck with getting them to plane like a real skiff. There is somethig about the viscosity of the water on a small hull that screws things up. The best chance would be to go with the lightest and narrowest true skiff hull you could(or a skinny monomaran" type hull). For righting moment a fixed keel simply won’t work and neither will just a canting keel . In my opinion you will need a canting keel with the absolute minimum ballast in it: only as much as necessary to right the boat from a 90 degree knockdown. The rest of the ballast should go in a “Trapeze” type on-deck sliding power ballast system(fore and aft and side to side-held up by a “trapeze” wire from the mast); simple to make and allows the maximum possible righting moment with the least weight. Plan on the battery being in the sliding “cart” on the trapeze system.
This is an extremely difficult type of boat to learn to sail! But then so is a real skiff. Skiff type model performance MIGHT be possible if the weight was lite enough but ,generally, a skinny “monomaran” type hull is faster in models in my experience.

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i was thinkin of building a skiff type planing boat.

For a bit of inspiration see if you can find anything about the Sydney 18 footer class. They are simply awesome, in a good wind with a huge spinnaker they plane on about the last 2-3’ of the hull.BUT they need a crew of 3 (usually weighing about 100kgs each) hanging out on a very large trapeze to keep the thing close to upright whenever they’re not sailing downwind.

A 1:6 scale version would be 3’ loa by about 1’ beam with unrestricted weight and sail area.They have a fin but of course there is no bulb on it which you would have to put on a model to replace the weight of the missing crew.This would make it more difficult to plane wouldn’t it?

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sounds to hard to me i have enough of a hard time to sail a boat and build my ck r/c yacht let alone add a trap and moving battery pack but good luck to you and let us know how it goes 18 fotters are mad hard enough to keep up when your one onelet alone when you about 50 meters away

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