30 squaremeter yacht maiden

Hello everybody,

Yesterday I drove to the lake and put my SK30 named Agneta the first time for realy good sailing in the Water. She is sailing well. Enjoy the pics.



Hi Lothar,what a beautifull sailboat!!!Very nice looking and espescially nice sailing.Could you please show us how is made the genoa system?Is she made from mahogany ?Very beautifull lines. Gilles B.

Hej Gilles,

the hull and the cabin are Mahogany, the frames are birch plywood, the Deck is teak not varnished or oiled. The genoa system works with two winches, one for each side. They run with a little mixer in the boat, that one winch is always complete open, while the other one is working on the sail. Just like a real boat. Watch a video of one of my boats in turns here:


You always need a bit wind and the perfect moment for the side switch for good turns. With a smaller jib the turns are not so difficult. But it works in 90 percent of turns through the wind.

And by the way, it looks great to sail with a genoa.



PS: the building log is here: German forum

And here is little video of sailing Agneta.


This beauty is a dream on the water. Fast, stabil and very high at the wind while tackling.



very nice Lothar!

see you at Fuehlingen (05./06.04.2014) ?

I am not sure, if I will find the time to go there.

May be, I will be there only one day.




As ever, a very beautiful yacht and a credit to your phenomenal abilities. At 2.4m LOA that’s similar to the AMYA J Class yachts - I wonder how their performance compares?

I’m very tempted to try building a scale Skerry next, not only do they look stunning they also seem to sail incredibly well - just one proviso; I’ll definitely be finishing my J class ‘Enterprise’ first. I’ve actually managed to start making some progress so I’ll be posting further pictures soon (or I can email them to you).



Hi Row,

I am not sure, how a skerry compares to a J-Class. What I can tell You, ist that the skerrys I built have a quite small range of wind, where they perfom perfect. For stronger wind a smaller Genua is needed. They sail best at winds between 2 and 3 bft. Gusts are bad for the performance. The upright moment is quite small, so that the boat lays on the side, if there is blowing a strong gust. My skerrys need some work on the sticks while sailing. That’s the reason, the videos of my boats are not so good. Sailing and steering the boat is difficult.

By the way, I sail the main sail and the genoa on different sticks, and need to work with a switch in tackles beside controling the rudder…


But I love this kind of sailing. It’s more challenge for me as the skipper



Simply stunning! At about 2’40" as the genoa is sheeted in her acceleration is certainly impressive with an incredible turn of speed considering her relatively heavy displacement.

One method of increasing the wind range, in addition to a smaller genoa, could be the introduction of some reefing points on the main. The simplest method would be ‘slab’ reefing although I’d imagine that when the Skerry’s were originally built they may have had a system where the main boom was rotated thus rolling up the main sail around the boom. Either method would definitely cost significantly less than having another smaller set of sails made!

I’m sure that I read somewhere that you have acquired a full size Skerry for restoration - how is that progressing?



Hello Row,

reefing is a good Idea, but doesn’t make the sails better. A rotating boom is another nice option. What I don’t like are folding marks on the sail. They look really bad in scale 1:5. The sail-clothes I use are from real boats. So they get very fast those folding marks… So first of all a smaller Genoa. On my other boats this works great.

The winches on bord of the model are cheap chinese winches with bigger self made spools. With the included spools the winches are much to strong…

My restauration of a Scale 1:1 15 sqm Skerry is going on. By the way, this boat has a rigg with a rotating boom. Have a look here:


Best Regards