$250 Quiznos Sub Gift Certificates

$250 Quiznos Sub Gift Certificates - "with participation in their promo

at L I N K you can get $250 Quiznos sub gift certificates. I think I am going to go through to see if it works - anyone else tried this before?"

Good luck -

here in town they pulled out overnight without warning to employees. (So did KFC, Wendys and a pizza joint - all on different occassions) Employees show up to work and are greeted by a big sign in window.

Sign of the times - if you can’t make money, close 'er up.

Times are tuff for fast food - what with transfat issues, no smoking rules, recent e-coli and salmonella issues and just pure number of places in general. Add in that few kids want to work minimum wage or less hours to remain part-time for the company. I think I’ve seen the same waitress in four different eating places all in the space of one year.

IMO, those are total hype, like the “get a free Laptop” or digital camera or Ipod or whatever schemes. Either that, or you will get coupons for $250 total savings on beauty salon stuff or whatever.

You actually can get a free laptop or whatever, after you spend $900 on magazines or cosmetics or whatever those people are really promoting.


A new member? One post? And it has nothing to do with our sport?

This is just a standard “bombard the forums” advertising campaign. There are near duplicates of it all over the web.

This person does seem to have a handle the English language, using good grammar & all, like a normal person would. Most others I’ve seen like this were from Asians, trying to populate English-speaking forums. Perhaps this person gets paid by the hour, instead of the number of posts per day?

Maybe this person just deserves a warning this time, and then removal later, in a month or so, unless he ‘repents.’


At best, it’s a deal where you get some off when you buy 4.

I like Quiznos subs.

No point in warning. You will never see this person again.

If you don’t follow what I mean - just follow the link…


Right, this is obviously a forum spam & should be deleted by a moderator asap.