2017 Victoria NCR


We are going to call it the East Coast Show of 2017

Chester Maryland Sep 22, 23, 24

Information for the Host Hotel has been posted

Servo City is on board as a sponsor

Dean Derusha from Miniature harken <miniatureharken@yahoo.com> is on board as a sponsor and we have a photographer lined up as well…

Sirius Sails https://www.siriussails.com/ is now a sponsor of the event…

Thank you Don for your continued support of the Victoria Class.


Victoria 2017 NCR Regatta
Victoria Class
Gold Chevron
September 22, 23, 24 2017
Kent Island Yacht Club, Stevensville, MD
Northern VA Model Yacht Club
23 entries only 22 sailed
Weather: Sunny 80-85* winds 5-10 N
Low Point Promotion/Relegation for the first 9 races single fleet for
the final 10
RD: Walter House
RC/author: Marc Smith
Volunteers: Norm Watkins, Jamie Brickell, Robert Compere, Mike House,
John Nickum, John Potvin, John Ebel, Dave Branning and Joyce McKinney

The Victoria Class has crowned Chris Macaluso its 2017 Champion after
the two day event in Maryland.
What started out as a simple lunch discussion between two long time
Victoria skippers, Walter House and Ray Seta, at a surf cafe near the
famous Mavericks surf spot exactly one year ago while at the 2016 NCR in
San Francisco, turned into reality this weekend at the Kent Narrows
Yacht Club.

After competing in the 2016 Victoria Nationals it was clear that the
Victoria Class had no idea where the next nationals would be held 2017.
No clubs had stepped up to lay claim to the event, so Ray mentioned to
Walter that it was time to bring it back East. Walter thought it was
time as well but could not commit until he took the idea back to his
club, namely to include, Marc Smith. What started as a vision, ended up
as the 2017 Victoria NCR.

Set-up for the event began in earnest Friday morning around 9am with
skippers showing up early to get measured. What really happened was
they got pressed into service to help set up, and within an hour, the
Northern Virginia Model Yacht Club had a tent farm on the western side
of the Kent Narrows Yacht Club. Not long thereafter a course was set,
boats measured and sent out on the water for some test/tune races.
Skippers on site were from Oregon, Texas, Alabama, Canada, Pennsylvania,
North Carolina, Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Virginia.
Dinner was slated for 7pm in the pavilion, which consisted of two
bushels of steamed blue crabs from Harris Seafood, pizza and roasted
chicken for the non-shellfish eaters. For some, this was their first
time picking and eating the revered Chesapeake Bay blue crab. No one
left the outdoor pavilion hungry or thirsty.

Saturday racing began on a high tide with two seeding fleets. The
seeding fleets were based on whether the sail number was even or odd.
Once the two seeding races were completed and scores tabulated the
initial A/B fleets were set for promotion/relegation. Skippers soon
realized that the outgoing tide WAS a factor, as the upwind leg was
fighting the outgoing tide. So hitting the starboard layline resulted
in some late port tacks at the mark and more than a few boats missing
the mark.

Chris started hot with 7 bullets in the first 7 races with Ron Stephanz
and Morgan DeWees trying to stay close. The day ended early with 9
races (18 heats) completed, Chris leading Morgan by 16 points, with Ron
one point behind in Morgan’s wakes, and Budman Garcia 10 points further
back in fourth and Rob Suydam rounding out the top five. The brackish
water of the bay started to take its toll on the boats and more than a
few boats ended up on shore swapping servos or receivers.
The evening festivities began in earnest at Annie’s Steak and Seafood.
The group took up a large portion of the bar area with eating, drinking
and table top racing going on until late in the evening.

Sunday racing was slated to start at 9:15 near high tide. The Race
committee decided that as a result of the good behavior exhibited by all
skippers on Saturday, to stretch the line out and give a single fleet a
shot. The course had to be tweaked slightly on each end for the next
race to account for the larger mass of boats on the first lap but by and
large it went well. Chris and Morgan both started slow on Sunday while
Christian Pavey came on strong with five wins, and Ron picked up his
three wins. However Chris did not let Christian and Ron get too far
away as he kept it close with a string of seconds and thirds. The
outgoing tide again was a factor not to be ignored by the skippers or
the race committee.

Once again nearing the end of the day at low tide, racing had to be
suspended. The combination of the low tide and the wind blowing water
out of the racing area brought some sea grass out of the shallows and we
ended up with some fouled boats. So rather than having unseen
obstructions dictating the outcome of the event, it was decided that,
with 45 minutes racing left, to call the event. Once the scoring was
complete, every skipper was permitted a trip (some two) to the prize
table to pick up one of the many items donated by our sponsors.

There is absolutely no way this event could have occurred if not for our
volunteers: Norm Watkins, Jamie Brickell, Robert Compere, Mike House,
John Nickum, John Potvin, John Ebel, Dave Branning and Joyce McKinney.
For some of these volunteers it was their first time witnessing a large
event, let alone helping run it. I would also like to thank our
sponsors and vendors. Harris Seafood, Annie’s Steak and Seafood, Kent
Island Yacht Club, Kent Island Sailing Club, AM Leonard, Breaking Wind
Worldwide, Fleet Pride, NAPA, K Neal Truck and Bus Center, Harken
Miniature, Norms Beer and Wine, Martin Motorsports, Servo City, Kites
and Fun Things, Fox Sails, Sirius Sails, Quantum Sails, Washington First
Bank, West System Epoxy (Gougeon Brothers), The AMYA, and finally the
Victoria Class.

Thank you all for supporting the event and thank you to all the skippers
who made this event happen.

19 races were completed (first 9 races P/R heats, final 10 single fleet)
Place Skipper Sail Points
1 Chris Macaluso 65 28
2 Ronald Stephanz 27 37
3 Christian Pavey 48 47
4 Morgan DeWees 96 61
5 BudMan Garcia 60 66
6 Ray Seta 88 99
7 Mark Cooper 150 120
8 John McKinney 73 128.25
9 Richard Azzam 1363 129
10 Richard Ferguson 91 156
11 Craig Huzway 1800 157
12 Eric Gregory 01 176
13* Bill Shorney 53 186
14* Mike Russom 4133 186
15 Tom Walsh 1427 200
16 Rob Suydam 52 210
17 Mike Campbell 82 224
18 Tom Kern 151 233
20 Charlie Mann 404 235
21 Tom Madarasz 117 254
22 Steve Wasilko 716 277
23 David Littleton 1418 346
*settled on tie breakers