2015 - MIA Trike-a-Sail™ RC Land Yachts, Carros-a-Vela, Chars a voile

Fenced walls provides limited wind power, a perfect test bed for land yachts, land sails, carros a vela, chars a voile, or Trikes-a-Sail, to see how they perform in limited wind conditions.

The model seen in this video, was designed to be more realistic and higher in performance in low to moderate wind conditions. The model does not use ball bearings on the wheels (in this particular version) and yet it outperforms the HK BAT-1 and even the BAT 1 fitted with a higher performance MIA Ripstop Nylon Sewn Sail Upgrade.



more videos photos to come to come…

This is the MIA Pantera race car style Trike-a-Sail. Profile Version, designed for light to moderate winds, being tested in light wind conditions


Fluid and Efficient MIA Trike-a-Sail Design allows smooth land sailing in very low and limited wind conditions.


Do you have any future plans for the larger sail area classes? Projection of expected selling cost?

Thanks, Dick

I’m interested too. Is there a video to show how to put the mast on? Does the mast come off for travel?