2015 Footy Gold Cup

Are there any details of the results from this event?
In previous years there has been reports, photos and videos particularly on the UK Footy site.
We haven’t found anything this year.
Are we just not looking in the right place?


On the german site just the results:


On an italian forum some infos and pictures
(google translator is your friend :wink: :


Hi tuppesw,

Thanks for the links.
It is interesting how google doesn’t give results for sites in other languages when you are searching from an English speaking country.
Footies are really a European phenomenon these days.
We will definitely need the help of google translate but will enjoy looking at the sites you have given.

Peter & Clare

ClaudioV, congratulations on your Cup victory. The Italian group seems to be leading the world in innovation right now.

Could you please share the dimensions of your boat with us…length, beam, displacement, bulb weight? It would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Bill, thanks for you appreciation.
I was on holiday and only now I’ve seen your post.

If you want to see any information about my boat, you’d take a look on mine Progetto-Urca facebook page at this link

there is a photographic history of the first prototypes of Urca Footy V4.

and in the photos in the page

there are others

The boat is a “diagonal”, length overall is quite 325 mm and beam about 95 mm.
Displacement of first prototype is 525 g with 325 g in the bulb.
For the next winter I’d like to make a new one lighter

Here you see the master of the boat in the rule box

the first monocoque hull from the mould

Urca V4 in the box

In action at the Gold Cup 2015 in Salem

Thanks, Claudio. I’ve been working the lighter side lately, with boats in the 280g range. They have sailed quite well, but I’m ready for a change.

I was inspired by the big rigs your team carried in pictures of the Gold Cup. I figured the displacement would be around 500g given the bulb weights mentioned. Your boats reminded me of some of the last discussions I had with Angus. He was saying that he had decided a heavy boat with a large sail area would be the way to go. I argued that a light boat with a smaller sail would be just as fast. We never got to turn that challenge into a test of the two before he died.

So partly because I admired your team’s boats, and partly because of that memory of Angus, I’ve built a boat that looks like it will finish at 475g, with a 340g bulb. Our first Footys were in the 500g range, but the electronic technology wasn’t available then to enable ballast ratios in the 70% arena. I’m making my first rig for it…the 13.9 rig from your Easy III plan. If testing goes well, I’ll make a couple more rigs and sail it in our Quahog regatta on 9/26.


Hi P&C,
in this forum Thomas Grimm posted a topic about Gold Cup and there are any info regarding the competition.

I think that could be usefull if the administratos of this forum could merge in only one all the topics about Gold Cup 2015.

For info, the German organization has been very effective and the competition very well managed also in difficult weather condition with rain and storms during the 2 days.

There was also a lot of prize for all the participans thanks to the organization effort and the sponsor (Graupner). An event very well managed: many compliments to Thomas and the entire organization :cool::smiley:

After the Gold Cup 2015 the “German” organization posted news and classment and other info on their website but someone has hacked and destroyed the Footy German website.
A lot of in the European Footy community think that it was not “a matter of chance”, but we have no evidence to prove it.
Anyway on our site www.footy-italia.it and the forum of Barone Rosso there are many reports: finding a little bit of time, could be translated into English and even inserted at the website of English friends.

In this way, as English is the official language of the class, there would be all the reports available at the same website in English to maintain a complete history of the event. We’ll see if someone will have time to do it.

I think that Angus has got the right intuition about Footy boats development. In a mine old post on Rc sailing I wrote quite the same assessment.
I think the scale effect (especially on sails) and the low inertia of light boat could reduce their best utilization range. At the moment in European competition I think that there are no one boat less than 450 grams.

You made a very light boat: compliments!! If the sailing weight is 475g with the 13,9 rig and 340 grams in bulb it is a fantastic result!
Could be that you remain in less than 500 g with the 20 dm2 rig.
The weight of 525 g of mine boat is measured with the 21 dm2 rig, but my bulb is 20 g less than yours.
Good luck for the 9/26 regatta… I am very interested to see the final results.

Turns out I was too optimistic…just got it all put together. The boat with 13.1 rig mounted is 490 grams. Still, for a wood boat with a 340g bulb, I think it’s a good result. I’ll keep you posted when I do some testing.


Hallo ,

wir haben zum Footy Gold Cup 2015 in Salem einen Fehler gemacht. Die Angus Richardson trophy konnte nicht vergeben werden, da der Pokal zum Zeitpunkt des Gold Cup im Mai noch bei Gary Sanderson in Großbritannien gewesen ist. Das Org Team unter Leitung des Wettfahrtleiters Reto Brunschweiler aus der Schweiz hat sich einstimmig für Jean-François Bessière mit seiner Estral 2 entschieden. Ich würde Gary recht herzlich bitten , diesen Pokal nach Frankreich zu Jean-François zu senden. Seine Zeichnungen sind so angefertigt, dass sie mit wenigen Mitteln ein wettbewerbsfähiges Boot entstehen lassen. Drei Teilnehmer haben mit diesem Boot in Salem an der Regatta teilgenommen.
Ich gratuliere recht herzlich Jean-François.

Ich habe hier noch einmal für alle interessierten Footy Fans die Zeichnungen aus dem Französischen Footy Forum zusammengetragen:

we have made to Footy Gold Cup 2015 in Salem an error. The Angus Richardson Trophy could not be assigned because of the Cup at the time of the Gold Cup was in May even at Gary Sanderson in the UK. The Org team led the race director Reto Brunschweiler from Switzerland has unanimously decided to [b] Jean-François Bessière [/ B] with his Estral. 2 I would ask Gary cordially to send the trophy to France to Jean-François. His drawings are so made that they give rise to a few agents a competitive boat. Three participants who participated with this boat in Salem at the Regatta.
I congratulate cordially Jean-François.

I’ve got the drawings from French Footy gathered here once again to all interested Footy Fans Forum:


Plans coque :
http://www.fichier-pdf.fr/2015/03/31/e2-coupe-sur-structure-interne/ (màj)

Nouveaux plans :

Plans appendices et bas du gréement A+:

Gréement A+ :

Gréement A :

Gréement B :

Gréement C:

Gréement AO :