2012: First Italian Championship Footy

Italians footys go head!

First Italian Championship performed with 8 boats in Giussano on 27 and 28 of October under stormy weather conditions.
During 2 rainy days with strong stormy wind on Sunday are performed 17 races. The weather was more similar to English typical conditions than Italian ones, but at the end of Sunday all the boats arrived quite perfectly working giving a good impression of reliability also in the worst conditions.
On Italian forum www.baronerosso.it at this link Any impressions and photos:
Mine album link: Primo Campionato Italiano Footy pictures by claudiov2011 - Photobucket

Camillo with Easy Footy and Experimental “Trottola”

New footy from Genova by Federico

Photos from Flavio faloci

New Footys from Pescara and from Genova arrived and with a little more set up activity could become very competitive: Italian development of footy goes head for the future international 2013 appointments.

I will follow Claudio’s wake posting here more pictures about this first Italian National Footy event

this is my old Presto under strong gusts and cold showers

this is “Urca” designed and built by Claudio Vigada the winner ( …dominator ) of these two days

an unbelivable “ultradiagonal” footy designed and built by camillo giammarco

a wonderful painted new built footy by Federico Steri

the happy smart fleet of Gianluca Montecchi

More about the race on next posts


Thank you for the update Claudio and Flavio. The pictures really do show how much rain there was but also some very interesting ideas being developed by the ‘Italian Footy Tribe’.
Congratulations on a resounding victory Claudio.
Is there any news about the 2013 regatta calendar?
If you contacted the guys at http://www.sailfootyuk.com/ I’m sure GBR Footy sailors would be very interested to see these reports, particularly those who sailed with you at the Gold cup in Sestriere.

I’ve decided to shift my focus after a few years of developing the ‘Box’. There are some minor tweaks needed to the ‘SliM’ prototype and then I plan to commit to making a mould. These pictures were taken on the prototypes inaugural outing at 2200 meters, the day before it snowed and the lake froze over!

Dear Phil,

I hope you will be pleased to know that the model you have used during sestriere championship has been considered - from the italian footy tribe - the “most interesting one” of the event.

In this case “interesting” means the best compromise between good performances and simple and and inexpensive building.

Even if ICEs and claudio’s Urca have been able to show their stern to you ( as well to all competitors ) these two models are a wonderful examples of craftmanship well beyond the average skills of a beginners.

On italian most important modellers website ( baronerosso < red baron > ) there is an hot thread about a redesign of your white and fast footy.

Camillo is the person that is currently working on it, and claudio is giving him advices about the fine tuning of this new project.

Final goal will be a set of “freeware” plans aimed to newcomers.

The project has been named “EASY FOOTY”

More news about the matter in the next future.


Hi Phil as I anticipated you, the development of a depron footy similar to your (The EASY Footy project) is ongoing.
At the moment I’m working on prototype nr.2 after the first one of Camillo.
I hope to complete the preparation of the hull on next week and post something on our Forum as soon as possible.
The direct reference of the topic is:

Stay tuned;)

Hi Claudio, Flavio and the Italian Footy Team
I’m very honored to be attributed with inspiring the Easy Footy project.
It’s interesting that both the Italian Footy forum and Sail Footy UK have drawn comparisons between the BoX and the Razor. The BoX is actually a far more humble approach than Bill’s fine design. In fact my original BoX idea developed from the concept of the much larger 6 foot Box of John Fries described in the Antigua RC Sailing thread of early 2011 coupled with my inability to make on of Bill’s Rangers. I decided to try a simple flat panel approach - a deck, a bottom, two sides and a transom - and the prototype seemed to work well.
The BoX II was sailed at the Konstanz Euro GP in 2011 and it was a BoX III that I sailed in the Sestriere Gold Cup.
I have no drawings as such, so can only provide you with some pictures of the Mk III and of the patterns used to cut the 3mm Depron sheet. As you can see from the internal pictures, the hull really is a box section with with no additional reinforcement. The bulb is 260 g and the ballast ratio ready to sail is 60%.
You might be able to make out some notes on the patterns, scribbled to remind me what modifications I am planning for the Mk IV. Essentially the changes are:
[li]narrower hull - beam of 80ish mm, max at half length[/li][li]narrower transom - 26mm wide[/li][li]75+ mm high bow[/li][li]curved deck line[/li][/ul]
The Easy Footy looks very good and I anticipate the Mk II will be even better.

It seems that great minds think alike :slight_smile:

Phil isn’t the only one who thought Ranger was too complicated to build, so I decided to make a simpler boat that I hoped would still be competitive. Here’s a couple pics during construction. I sailed the finished boat in our Region 1 Regatta and finished a close second to a better skipper. I was very pleased with the new boat’s performance. When other projects settle down, I’ll finally get to publishing my usual poor-quality plan…I promised it to a couple of Brits months ago…sorry for the delay, guys.


Hi Phil,
You are very gentle providing us a lot of data of your boat so we could make interesting comparison.

In the internal side of Easy Footy I preferred to put any little reinforcement and one internal frame in order to simplify the assy and closure of the hull also for modeler not very skilled and “gentle” utilizing depron. :wink:
Anyway, the only depron Hull + mast attachments ready for closure weight quite 18 grams… not so much.:smiley:

After the first one of Camillo, I started with mine prototype making any little changes.
Here you’ll see the Easy Footy on our Italian forum


any photos of the second development

The hull

Hull + servos

Easy rig simplified with 2.5 mm dia stainless steel Z that hallow “manual” adjustment of angles

Static floating

Sailing with quite no breeze

After the test in next we, I’ll decide if prepare the final drawing for this configuration or change something more…
Actual max beam is quite 90mm placed 15 mm aft the middle of hull at bottom level and 100 mm placed 15 mm fwd at deck level

At the moment, after the first test in water, I’m considering to increment a little bit the volume in aft side because, with very low breeze, it seems floating too much low “on the back” with 295 grams of lest (overall weight is 480 grams).

I hope to see the boat sailing with more wind in order to understand better the behavior in longitudinal stability and make comparison with Urca Footy… the object is arriving at a similar level of performance with the Easy…

another group of shots taken during the first italian footy championship

technical level of photos is not excellent, due to grey sky, poor light, and cold rain, but “emotional” ranking of pictures is delightful

report courtesy miss Giovanna Bulla