2011 Italian IACC 120 Cup

The building stops the training has been endless and now the fun begins for the IACC 120 Italian Cup is now under way again for 2011, an event which is growing bigger every year with the gladiators from Northern Italian Fleet meet the Southern Italian fleet and beginning to attract international participants …the Kiwi’s will be there in force from our German base again this year!

The two day event program:

Saturday, Oct 1, 2011:
9.00 Arrival on the field of regatta of the lake of Mirabilandia, Italy
9.30 Registration and measuring
10.00 Warm-up in water
10.30 First of fleet racing session
12.45 Cup participants lunch together (10€ per person for 2 days)
14.00 Second session FLEET racing.
17.00 Finish of day one.

Sunday , Oct 2, 2011:
9.00 Arrival on the field of regatta of the lake of Mirabilandia, Italy
9.30 Measuring.
10.00 Warm-up in water.
10.30 Third session for fleet racing
12.35 Finish fleet racing and definition classification of top 8 boats the move to afternoon match racing events
12.45 Cup participants lunch together
14.00 Begin match racing, winner of 3 match races move up to quarters and then semi final.
16.30 Finalists match racing for the Italian Cup, best of 5 match races.
17.00 Finish of day two with prize-giving of the Italian IACC 120 Cup

Open invitation to everyone wishing to join the racing or just watching the action, let me know and I can help with arrangements.

I will do my best to provide a post regatta report with photo’s and for fill any requests for information on the boat details at the regatta, just ask or even better come joins us !

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

I’d love to go …

Just had #1 child so I’m a bit busy right now!

I will be watching with great interest, please share reports and get plenty of photos for a bit of what we call “reconnaissance!”

Congratulations …sounds like you’ll be into building footys soon :stuck_out_tongue:

One day we will get you there mate :rolleyes:

The last weekend for training, few of the guys in the Southern Italian fleet had light conditions, as usual no word from the Italian northern fleet, playing their cards very close to their chest as always.

Here in Germany weather was great @ 33 C and we prayed for wind all weekend but the wind gods did not deliver ! …:grumpy:

Few last minute mods on Blackmagic, new lighter head crane & Jib boom and Jaguar sporting new stiffer 12 mm carbon mast, check lists ticked and ready for the journey to Ravenna, leaving few days early to try get some sailing in some of the beautiful lakes in Austria.


Cheers Alan :zbeer:

The Italian IACC 120 Cup stays in Northern Italy with exciting win by Mauro Folicalai with Avera (FRA 93) over last year’s winner Garaiele Tancini BMW Orcale (USA 71) in an exciting 3-2 final.

This year’s Italian IACC120 regatta will be remembered for its very light conditions which made sailing difficult for the less experienced (like myself) and the dreaded Kaikora weed, it was like rolling of dice decided the fate of many skippers success for the event this year.

Friday evening I met with the guys from the southern Italian fleet from Rome in nice little B&B which had a swimming pool and with only sailors staying there you can imagine the pool was only occupied with yachts. I took the opportunity to do little hull resistance testing between Jaguar, Black Magic & Alingi, which turned out to be a good thing for me as I have been playing around with different rudder sizes and it was only during the pool testing did I manage to find the rudder with least resistance in push tests across the pool.

First day with beautiful weather and after set-up was in the water and practising in 5-7 knots, and after ½ hour ran into problems with winch dying on NZL 32 & then my 14 year old son sailing Jaguar had completely dead electrical system, with 15 minutes to go for 1st fleet race he’s me changing winches and replacing complete wiring system in Jaguar and we both managed to get the boats in the water just after the start, and time for my heart rate to come back to normal and managed to catch the fleet and haul myself into 10th in 16 boat fleet.

From then, progressively manage to improve with 9th, 5th, and 3rd in following races, wow looking good then was knocked back to reality :rolleyes: in next race when the dreaded weed got me and then the next race my old nemesis from last year’s de-masting of ETNZ (Azzura) tangled with me on the start line and we were locked together again this year, no-one faults as neither of us could see our boats on the crowded start line at the time, fate got us and our boats were mating for the second year running, a habit we got to break next year Renato :stuck_out_tongue:

Then disaster hit my son with Jaguar again with another completely dead electrical system, I then discovered condensation inside the hull had got into the BEC and short circuited everything (this was also the cause of the first system failure) so he was out for the rest of the afternoon unfortunately.

End of the first days fleet racing I was placed 6th on the leader board so was as happy as a pig in shet :smiley: then lend my boat to some-one to sail before we finished for the day and then another winch failure on NZL 32 … oh no! Just when I thought my winch gremlins had gone, they were back with panick ! :scared:

Saturday evening was busy trying to get salt water out of two electrical looms from Jaguar which we managed to recover at least one system and put in my last winch for Sunday.

Day two to complete fleet racing saw me claw one place up the leader board to 5th and qualify for final 8 boat match racing. I drew Alingi SUI 102 in semi finals and in first leg managed to keep pace then around top buoy I had penalty for contact and could not catch the gap for rest of the race as the air was very light.

Second match race great start and managed to get good puff, then ran into windless pocket and SUI 102 managed to pick up pressure and it was all over for me.

The official full posting of results should be up on http://iacc120cup.altervista.org/ soon.
It was clearly obvious the only gap between the top 4 on leader board and myself was experience & tactical skills, these guys are all very good in pushing penalties to have advantages on each other … and that’s part of what Americas Cup it is all about … isn’t it ?

Highlight for the weekend was my 14 y.o son Nicholas winning vote for the best looking AC replication boat at the regatta :smiley: which made up in part, for the electrical problems encountered.

I’m sorry but I did not have enough time to take photo’s as it was busy weekend for me, but there were lots of photographers at the event so should see them appearing on http://iacc120cup.altervista.org/ soon.

Congratulations to Mauro Folicalai and Avera FRA 93 for fantastic win for Italian IACC 120 Cup it was the best boat package at the regatta with ClaudioD designed hull and sails by Luca and it was in the hands of the best skipper on the day, well done !!!

I like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in organising the event, as usual a great weekend and special thanks for the friendly help and advice from everyone …see you next year !

Cheers Alan.

P.S Prize giving update just posted by Luca.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wgB1-5-27E&feature=uploademail

Well Done Nicholas and Alan!

Obvious Question - but CONGRATS first !

The winches - Eurgles or ???


Thanks Grav, love your photo in pics section …great stuff !!!

They are Eurgle 16D with metal gear running on 7.2 V two cell Lipo without BEC (11 kgm) the one that died was in 7 knot winds early Saturday morning, don’t know if that was problem with 78 dm2 sail area as rest of the regatta was less than 5 knots, the second one was mystery as it went in low wind speed, pulled them both apart and there was no physical damage so can only assume the drive motors just gave up.

Before anyone asks, I only reason I ran them on 7.2 V for the extra power (11 Kgm) in case the wind came up @ 6 V (with BEC) the metal gear version drops off to 9.5 kgm, the biggest joke was that the Graupner regatta ordered months ago arrived, after I left for the regatta …ain’t life a beach :indiffere

Spoke with everyone at the regatta using the larger Eurgles (plastic gear version) and no-one had any problems & all were over 12 months old …:confused: has got me completely stumped, but I will be in Hong Kong later this month and have visit to Robbie2 on my agenda, hopefully will find out something !?

Cheers Alan

Thank you Alan - best of luck and please keep us posted. Have an order form hanging on wall - just waiting to pull the “trigger” and order. I love my GWS winches - but a touch too small and slow for the big multihull (like the HiTec drum) so thought I might try the Eurgle and do a lobotimy and see if I can speed it up any way.


Sorry Alan to come back to my first observation, I have just prepared this sketch.
If I remember the fault was attributed to the frictions caused by the ‘O’ ring. I suppose that the ring was removed on all servos, but the problem is still there !
Probably I should not ask this question, but are we sure that the sheet is not too tense as such to oblige the servo continuous pulling when close hauled ?
Similarly is not continuosly pulling also during reaching ?
I mention that because I burned on the AC33 a HS-815 because of that !


Hi Claudio,

I really appeciate your thoughts on my problem thank you :slight_smile:

I have between 15-20 mm slack between sheeting post and the boom & keep the post just below the arc of the main boom so there is only side pull & no downward action (tension) when closed hauled.

Thinking about it all failures they have happened on closed hauled position :rolleyes:

One possibilty maybe the winch circuit itself, I have 10mm slack in the circuit that is taken up with elastic band.

I’m thinking one possibilty maybe the winch circuit when winding back & forth maybe on some occassions increase the diameter when winding around the drum cause by the line bunching up in one point resulting in excess tension in the circuit occassionally.

I will look at increasing the elastic length in the circuit to take up little bit less than 1/2 of the curcuit travel now (on non-tension side) and see if this resolves my problem.

I may not be able to respond to posts as I’m travelling again, so maybe Friday before I’m back on-line Claudio.

Dick, the Eurgle with metal gears is very strong, damn fast for the really small unit that it is, I don’t think the units are failing because of design, too many others are not having problems to prove that point, so I can only assume I’m doing something wrong somewhere … pull the trigger, I’m sure you will be positively impressed with their performance.

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

The Winner: MAURO FOLICALDI, skipper of AREVA CHALLENGE FRA-93 :wink:

And some other nice pictures: http://s1187.photobucket.com/albums/z381/alexbenny/Italian%20Cup%202011/?albumview=slideshow

Hey - you guys didn’t tell us about the “other prizes” at the event ! [grin]

My congratulations to Mauro. Looks like he enjoys being the champion.

Regards, Dick

Hi Dick,

Sorry for the delay of the English form, please found here below the results of the Italian IACC120 Championship 2011

I’m particular happy, since AREVA is one of my design. Mauro is confirmed to be a very good Skipper with a serie of constants results :

Mauro/AREVA 1st at Safalero Cup 2010
Mauro/AREVA 1st at Safalero Cup 2011
Mauro/AREVA 3rd at the Italian Championship AC120 2010
Mauro/AREVA 1st at the Italian Championship AC120 2011.



PS :
in attachment the zip files of the 2 versions of Areva Plans for LWL of 970mm and 1000mm

Hi Jim,

Nothing really new picked up this year only few observations, USA 71 which won the Cup last year had a new rig with intermediate & Jumper strut. Just before the final he took off the Jumper and the pics show the his rig used in the final with odd inverted mast bend which had me little bamboozled :confused:

The rudder on USA 71 could turn roughly 160 degree’s (same as on big AC monohulls) turns on a sixpence in the start box :cool:

Cheers Alan

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the updates and the observations.

Inverted mast!
My guess is that the sail might be a tad flat for the extra light conditions you were sailing in… Also it moves the C of E right forward as well.
That rig looks extra bendy as it requires a diamond stays and a masthead shroud setup.
How are you getting on with the winch problem?
Cheers, Jim

USA 71 comes from the same mould as Jaguar hence always keep an eye on her, prevouisly I had 10 mm flexi mast on Jag and if I had bent mast this far it would have definitely inverted the sail, I was just surprised to see this amount of mast bend to get this main shape.

The only lake near us that we’re allowed to use a sail boat, closed last month for winter :grumpy: so will not be until March/April until I can trouble shoot & test the Eurgle winch further.

Now have a Graupner Regatta winch as back-up :rolleyes:

Cheers Alan

With the consistent performances of AC120 AREVA in the last 2 years, the original design is revisited in order to try to improve the performances
This new design is applied as well to the ancient DEFI-Areva FRA-69 and NZL-20 with small variation in the above water hull shapes.
Here the new entry :


Oh Claudio !! you are trying to stir up the natives my friend ?:rolleyes: just as France and New Zealand will face each other in the Rugby World Cup final this coming weekend in Auckland … :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the “Red Sled” but the the “Mellow Yellow” has got to come second :stuck_out_tongue: sorry

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

Why build when you can just buy??