2011 Championship Regattas

We recently completed the USA’s first RG65 National Championship, which was held in Albuquerque and coincided with the 2nd annual Rio Grande Cup. The event was a lot of fun, and the host club should be congratulated on a job well done.

While in Albuquerque there was some talk about holding the next RG65 Nats in San Diego during their Race Week event. I thought that the next race week is in 2011, but it is actually going to be in 2012. So, we need to start thinking about where to hold the 2011 Nats. The 3rd Rio Grande Cup will be held as usual in Albuquerque in the fall. As for the 2011 Nationals, it would be great if it could be held in a new location.

We are looking for proposals for holding next year’s championship regattas – the Nationals as well as the Regional Championships. Please think about whether you and your friends would like to take on the challenge and host an event in 2011. You can either post back to this forum or send me a private email with any questions or thoughts on the subject. It would be great to see several Regional Championships next year in additional to the Nats. My email is ericr367(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Eric Rosenbaum
RG65 USA 11

Eric, Manny here from Los Angeles. We have Jim Linville out here in Southern California. He will be bringing with him the Cobras that were raced at the Nationals. We will be having a regatta on Sunday the 19th of Dec. at Hansen Dam. Home to a couple of clubs that race other classes. Ernie Thorpe is trying to introduce RG65s to them, so hopefully they bite hook line and sinker!! L.A. is not to far from San Diego.



Thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to hearing about the racing on Sunday. PLEASE take photos of the boats and the action!

Hey Eric,

Like I had mentioned before, our new club might be able to hold a Region 4 event. It could be 1 or 2 days. Here is the proposed event site.


Kind of an interesting perspective but you get a clear picture of how nice the place is…



Excellent - I have you on the preliminary calendar with details to follow. With some luck, we could easily have four or five Regionals next year!

By the way, I like the flyover. It would be cool to do low passes over the racing RG65s!