2010 Tax Day Regatta - Victoria

Just wanted spread the word. The Triangle Model Yacht Club is hosting a one day Vic regatta again this year.

April 17 at Lake Crabtree, Raleigh, NC



Thanks to everyone that participated or helped out. We had fun, we’ll be doing this again next year.

The annual Tax Refund Regatta was hosted by the Triangle Model Yacht Club in
Raleigh NC on April 17th 2010.
Weather conditions were close to perfect, with partly sunny skies and winds
that tested the skippers in all conditions, from light airs to knock down
gusts, and with the occasional swirling unpredictable leg to make sure they
did not get too complacent in what were generally predictable
windward-leeward legs.
15 skippers arrived at Lake Crabtree ready to race, and single fleet racing
began at 9:15. It quickly became apparent that Bob Szczepanski, with his new
“cuben” sails was the boat to beat. Try as they might, it was not until
after lunch that someone (Carl Olbrich) managed to be ahead at the end of a
two lap race. Second place, however, was a real battle, and at lunchtime Tom
Rummage, Keith Zwart and John Amoroso were locked in a virtual tie 20 points
behind Bob, and 15 points ahead of 5th place.
The RD had an easy day of it, with great help with scoring from Justin and
Karen (Bob’s wife - yes we double checked the scores!), and with a course
that held up for the entire day. “Over-Early Rick” kept him on his toes
however, making sure he did not get bored!
After lunch, the winds strengthened to 10+ mph with some challenging gusts,
and a routine developed between races with one line of skippers on the bank
draining their boats, and another line at the single stall restroom waiting
to drain something else entirely.
Bob continued to dominate with just one second and one third, which he threw
out for 14 points from 16 races! Congratulations on a great show of skill
and boat speed. John Amoroso won the battle for second with Keith Zwart from
Oriental, NC taking third.

It seemed to the RD that all had a great day, even Bob Verhaeghe whose boat
developed irreparable problems, but who stayed and cheered us all on.

Respectfully submitted,
Gerry Cobley, RD

Skipper Place Score
Robert Szczepanski 1 14
John Amoroso 2 44
Keith Zwart 3 51
Tom Rummage 4 61
Carl Olbrich 5 66
Chase Thomas 6 85
Bob Mersereau 7 92
Scott Allen 8 101
Doug Hale 9 113
Rick Ferguson 10 125
Tim Key 11 136
Brian Samuels 12 147
Bob Betts 13 153
Steve Helander 14 199
Bob Verhaeghe 15 202