2010 NCR Results

Congratulations to Chris Staiger for winning the 2010 NCR with his Pool Shark. Chris was followed by Butch Bragg and Herb Dreher. The event was quite an eye-opener for those who consider the Footy’s toys. With winds ranging from 15-30 knots and predominately 20+ the boats sailed extremely well. The currrent state-of-the-art boats faired particularly well, not only in performance but in durability.

It’s been a long couple of days to we’ll have a more detailed report to follow.

The full results are on www.sundaysloopers.com and a full race report will be up by tomorrow AM

The Butch Bragg “Shark” is a nice boat! It was great to see it in action!!!

I haven’t had a chance to talk to him at length, but I was under the impression that Herb Dreher was going to sail the same Razor 3 that he won the Region 1 Regionals with last fall.

I’d be glad to update the boats sailed on the results to make sure we got it right.

Scott is correct…Herb was sailing the proven Razor3. I was sailing the experimental Cobra5.


I have noticed that the SundaySloopers website still lists Herb’s boat as a Cobra 5 insted of a Razor 3. As it looks like this will be the only official report of the Nationals, I would really like to see it changed.

The Razor 3 is an amazing design and more than held its own against a sea of commercially produced boats. This boat was built in a week for the Wooden Boat Show at Mystic where in the informal racing, it blew away the competition. At the Region 1 Regionals last fall, it tied (and beat on the tiebreaker) me and my '09 Champion Cobra 3. At the Nationals this year, it was leading after the first day, and if Herb hadn’t been so much of a gentleman and had cut down my “B” rig, may have won it!

But the most amazing thing about the Razor 3 is that Bill Hagerup has given the design away free and has posted it on the web site for all to see and build. There is no whining about copyrights or pimping a commercial product - it is free! It has been built all over the world and the only negative words I have heard are from people who have tried to ‘improve’ it! It deserves its place in the milestones of great Footy designs.

Aw shucks…thanks for the more than kind words, Scott. Wish you could have been there…you’re the best.