2009 Nobel Prize

AP 8, the Swedish Academy announced the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature awarded German writer and poet Hetamile. Ralph LaurenIt is reported that Miller is not a well-known writer, and she is the second Glass-after prize for literature was a German writer, German writer Miller received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2009, it being widely regarded as “upset.” lacoste polo t shirt FemmeAt the award decision to the Swedish Academy said that Miller’s work “both poetry and prose frank concise, describes nothing, nothing to the situation of persons sustenance.” She will receive 10 million Swedish kronor lacoste polo t-shirt (1.4 million U.S. dollars) in prize money. Swedish Academy Permanent Secretary Engelongde the face of foreign journalists in Swedish, English and German, read the jury’s decision. He said Miller with a wide range of language and literature to show the world through their own environment for the growth and later life of sentiment in a foreign country, she concise and straightforward language of a rich description of an emotional story.