2008 New Zealand Postal classic

Hi Footy fans!
time already to announce the 2nd edition of my postal race.
Format is the same as last year,mainly so there is less chance of misunderstandings.
Hopefully we can increase on last years numbers,the footy class is maturing and I am still keen to see this style of racing which I believe has much to offer.

2nd annual New Zealand postal classic

Notice of race
5 race internet racing series for Footy class yachts.
Racing period is 1st April 2008 - 30April 2008

Submit times for 5 races each of 5 laps around a 50 foot course with the windward mark fixed and the leeward mark attached by either a sunken or floating line of 50 feet in length.
There will be awards for the winner of the 5 race series.
All races will count and the low point scoring system will be used.
There will be handicap awards also.Handicaps will be calculated from one of the five races.This race will be drawn at random.All the subsequent races will be handicapped from these results.

Entries must be sent via e mail to bsmack@es.co.nz
anytime from the 1st April until the 30th April 2008
We would encourage pictures of the course and boats sailing.
A e mail address of a witness who can verify your race results is also required.
Proof of mearsurment may be required,this will be via e mailed picture of the boat in the mearsurment box.

No results or times will be published until the close of racing.
The organizers decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Good luck and good racing!!

Dear Brett,

I am an Italian newcomer to footy class .

Awaiting first sea trials of my ITA 5 ( Dynamite ) I have been looking to 2007 postal classic results in order to establish a way to compare my new boat performances with other boats.

( unfortunately - up to now - there is not a planned calendar of “real” races here in italy )

Even if a careful study of old results is very useful, I feel that more details should be included on 2008 NZ postal classic reports.

For example :

1 - weather condition
measured or guessed or imagined wind speed
or - at least - full rig or storm rig ?

2 - boat details
known design ( 507, kitty, razor…) or prototype ?
a picture of the boat would be nice
( as well the face of her proud owner/designer/captain)

3 - area of navigation
a nice shot from google earth
or latitude and longitude
or something else ( salt or fresh water ?)

4 - comments
I was drunk
my boat sinked after the trial
dangerous swans were disturbing the area

I hope that adding these additional information ( not to be considered as strictly compulsory , most obviously… ) it would be more fun sailing against other friends living on the other side of the world

Have a nice wind.


p.s. to start with , it would be nice to know how, when and were you won previous contest with your model

Yarrrr. Ya man. :lol:

Good spirits on this forum. :zbeer:

Looking forward to a full inbox at the end of April.
Get to it guys and send me all the juicy details of your sailing.

The ice hasn’t been gone all that long & I’ve been busy doing taxes & prepping
my “big boat” (below) for launch, but I hope to get out before the end of the month.
My boats & “course” equipment are ready to go.

Well, April has turned out to be a bad month for me to complete this event. Between ice, cold, rain, taxes, too much wind & other projects, I only managed to complete one attempt at the course. I had no witnesses & didn’t have time to run 4 more races, so I don’t qualify for Brett’s NOR condititions. I ran my Kittiwake with the stock rig & came in with a time of 7:17, which is not close to the record, but not too bad for a first try. The good news is that I managed to capture the effort on video, which I figured was almost as good as having a witness. Unfortunately, I must have bumped the telephoto enough to cause the upwind mark to be just beyond the field of vision. Anyway, here it is:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcJP1ikHPhY BTW, I ran an extra lap at the end just in case I miscounted.

Looks good enough to count Bill…I will put your time in for race1.


A small fleet of only 7 participated in the 2nd annual NZ Postal Classic.Entries were received from the UK,New Zealand and one from the USA.
The full results and report will be published on the Footy class site shortly.
Results were,
1st Roger Stollery UK 7points
2nd Brett McCormack NZL 11points
3rd Gary Sanderson UK 17points

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