2005 IOM Nationals Photo Gallery

http://www.pbase.com/delperena includes a gallery (in progress) “2005 IOM Nationals” covering the event in San Diego, California on November 4, 5, & 6, 2005. The photographs were taken on November 4, 2005 only.

In the gallery are a few samplings from about 240 images. I am still struggling with the organization and presentation of the images. My current thoughts are to categorize the images as follows:

(a) skippers

(b) racing tactics, e. g., sequence of shots in rounding a mark, convergence of boats in opposite tacks, “how-to” handle the intimidating starboard “tacker”.

© mishaps and near mishaps

(d) “For Your Eyes Only”

(e) Anything that does not belong in a, b, c, & d - “unclassified”.

These may take a while - patience please.

San Diego Argonauts will manage the distribution of any high resolution image files.

Attached is a sample photograph from the event.

Del Perena

nice Alpine and Seven :devil1:

nice photos - may I download a few (the ones showing me in the lead!)?


Absolutely great photos. Except in the tactics section where USA#144 gets smoked by #31 (Don Ginther’s Ericca). Thanks a-lot. LOL!! When are you going to come out and sail? I remember you telling me you had a Soling 50 ready to go?! Again, great pix Delfin.

Best Regards,

Bruce Lopez
USA #144
S1M #1924