2004 FPK Sydney to Mooloolaba Yacht Race

For all of you that care,
2004 FPK Sydney to Mooloolaba Yacht Race started on Wednesday the 31st March 2004.
Here is the website http://mooloolaba.cyca.com.au

Currently the Farr 52, Ichi Ban, is winning on line honours, 2nd is another 52 footer, Yendys, 3rd is a VOR 60, Indec Merit, 4th is UBS Wild Thing, 5th is Quest, 6th is another VOR 60, Seriously TEN, 7th is Infinity 3, 8th is Broomstick, 9th is Skandia, 10th is The Cone Of Silence, 11th is Austmark, 12th is Swish, 13th is AAPT (formerly Grundig), and then there are the rest of the now 39 boat fleet.
This shows that Skandia likes boats that are nearly or are smaller than 1/2 its size beating it most of the way to the finish. This seems to be happening alot to Skandia, look at the Williamstown Geelong Race, Ichi Ban was beating them by 25 mins, in the Canon Big Boat challenge, Wild Oats was beating Skandia until 60m from the line.
Regards Rob

They better ante up the patent fee and put CBTF on that thing if it’s not too wide!
By the way any word on the 52’ “Atomic” from Sydney?

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

I would laugh so much if Skandia got beaten this time

Skandia is narrower than Brindabella, Brindabella is 5.46m, Skandia is 5m

Is that with the silly 10 degree limit on ck boats still?
BTW Rob did you get my e-mail?

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

poor old skandia (or new rather) grant will be very untalkative if they miss out on this one!
can’t help wondering if there was another yacht her size with a conventional keel, how would that be doing against her? I admit that is a VERY tactical race and it wouldn’t be the fist time a “little” boat beat a bigger rival on elapsed time but she’s still yet to prove hersrelf.

The helmsman on the yacht i sail on is on indec merit the vo60 so i can’t wait to hear the gossip that was told at the Mooloolaba bar at the other end, will keep al posted.

was talking to a bloke(barne walker) who sails on wild thing and he was saying the after this race she is going back to the factory to have a canard fitted. but i also spoke to a guy from hart who did not know a thing about it but he did tell me that they are building a new radical 47 footer wich is rumerd to be canting) but he could not tell me wich will be seen at hammo there will also be a ney sydney 47 there also

When the Apprentice knows more than the Mentor its time to quit!

What sort of transmitter do they use on those boats, 2 or 4 channel ? What ever they must have pretty good range/batteries.[:-banghead]

I’ve learned, That the easiest way for me to grow as a person is to surround myself with people smarter than I am.
(what am I doing here?)lol

skandia won on line honours


Yes Matt, it is the one with the 10 degree cant.
& yes i did get ur email, thanks.

Here is what was reported by Sail World.com:
When they finally sailed clear Skandia was 24 n/mls behind Matt Allen?s race leader Ichi Ban with 157 n/mls of the race to sail.

Skandia expressed her down wind sailing potential logging an average speed of 9.3knots over the final 150 n/ml to eventually regain the lead off North Stradbroke Island then draw away to defeat the well sailed Ichi Ban by 2 hours 33 minutes 32 seconds with another 2 hours 15 minutes to the Brisbane to Gladstone race record holder AAPT (ex Grundig

Skandia is going into the factory like michaelb said,i have heard this from don Jones the designer, they are gonna lighten the keel, put a gybing board in i think this way they can cant the keel more. Yes it is gonna be up at Hammo Week & yes Zana the other 98 footer is coming back over, hopefully Skandia can beat Zana again!