2004 Downtown Duty-free Brisbane to Gladstone Race

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Skandia was (at 4pm East Aus Time) winning from AAPT (ex Grundig) by 5 nm.
The wind was blowing 23 knots & continuing to build, this will hopefully mean a new record for Skandia, but they have to beat AAPT’s 2001 race record of 21 hours 44 minuets 39 seconds.
Skandia also recorded a 1/2 hour average speed of 18 knots.

This is what is said at www.sail-world.com about a little Mumm 30 called Tow Truck,
In last year?s Sydney to Mooloolaba race Anthony Paterson and his Lake Macquarie crew aboard the 30 footer Tow Truck, enjoyed a wild surfing ride north on the first night at sea, ahead of a strong southerly that put them amongst the 50 footers, an advantage they managed to hold to win on IRC Overall handicap.

This year in the same race, it was the last 20 hours that a similar surfing ride with a 20 knot southerly, brought that little boat from back in the fleet to a third overall.

This is why the little Tow Truck is amongst the favourites for this year’s Brisbane to Gladstone race.

This morning, in the first leg of the 2004 Brisbane to Gladstone race, the little Mumm 30 that can, with her mast spinnaker straining, was just behind Bobsled, twice her length at the first mark.

On the reach across the Bay to Tangalooma she fell back again in the fleet, sailing just like a 30 footer. However once the fleet turned north at M7 near East Knoll in the main shipping channel, she again grew another 20 feet and blasted past the other 30 footers and started the chase after her 40 foot rivals.

At 16:30 she was out of the shipping channel, setting sail for Point Cartwright (Mooloolaba) a half a mile ahead of her keen rival, Tony Kirby?s Bavaria Match 38 Game Set, to whom she gives time under the IRC handicap system.

She is a mile ahead of her sister ship, Stewart Lewis? Addiction.

As navigator Brett Philby reported a few minutes ago, ?We are on track and looking for a big, big night.?


I’d like to see what Skandia would do with her canting keel turned loose instead of being limited in cant as now…

Doug Lord
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would be nice to see her at max cant with a canard to stop her going sideways like she is atm

When the Apprentice knows more than the Mentor its time to quit!

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This is what was on Sail-World.com:
At the Saturday morning 0505 Brisbane to Gladstone radio sked. Grant Wharington?s Skandia was 32 miles from the Auckland Bay finish line, 16 miles east of the Gladstone River entrance with an ETA of 07:12.

Sean Langman?s AAPT was two miles behind her.

At 0640 Skandia was in the River, nine miles from the finish.

AAPT rounded the S2 Gladstone River entrance mark, 15 minutes behind the leader.

The race leader only has to finish by 8:44 am to beat AAPT?s 2001 record.

Skandia is currently sailing at 14 knots in a 21 knot south easter, with jibtop and main. She will be shortly bearing away and will be able to hoist her giant code zero to power to a new race record around 7:20 am.

On IRC handicap, AAPT currently leads on corrected time, by more than an hour to Skandia with Bill Wild?s Mumm 36, 8 miles north of Sandy Cape in third place.

Next is Tony Kirby?s Bavaria Match 38 Game Set, 9 miles north of Indian Head.

On IMS handicap Sweethart leads J-Walkin from Moonshine.

In the PHS class, Kickatinalong leads Lady Katherine from Another 4.

The Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race has been run and won. The first boat across the line was Raw Nerve which is a slightly modified Southern Ocean 50 catamaran. It crossed the finish line at around 5 am Queensland time, beating Skandia by more than 30 miles.
The race itself is run over 300 odd nautical miles.

The time for Raw Nerve took about 1.5 hours off the old race record.

The multihull fleet that does this race never gets the recognition it deserves, and I for one think it’s about time it does.


too bloody right peter!
Raw Nerve is a MACHINE! I’ve had a look at her(on the dock of course no way you can get near her on the water unless she scorches past you) She has a sister ship aswell… not sure which one it was now but there was lots of talk at the bar when one of them broke the main beam connecting the two hulls (sure there’s a name for that beam but cant think of it) The narrow minded one-eyed monohull mentality came out with everyone saying cats should never put to sea etc… it was later found out the boat was run onto a surf beach and was pounded onto a reef by the surf for some hours. (do that to a mono and I’ll bet it busts more than one beam) of course no one mentioned that at the bar.

Funny little community the yachting world never really understood why there is a negative feeling towards cats by so many. (honestly not implying anyone here just generalising) jelousy i guess.

The other boat your thinking of, and for the life of me I’ll never be able to spell it right but it’s something like NUJOOLOO.

Is that the one?

Skandia only beat AAPT (ex Grundig) by 12 minutes.
For Full results, go here

Here is what Sean Langman, Owner of AAPT, said when they were lowering the mainsail:
Guys, that is the end of my experiment. A big boat can beat a big boat, but not when they get that big. We have to move on, we have to have the bigger boat!
It looks pretty certain that Grundig won on IRC handicap as well

peter: not sure sounds firmilliar but she doesn’t live in my neck of the woods so wouldn’t know her name for sure.

The sister ship to RAW NERVE lives in Fiji.