2 Quick Q's

I’m just in the final stages of getting my BobAbout ready to sail…

Q1. I know it has been asked before but I am unable to locate the thread again.
What is a good material for the sheets, kicker etc? (I live nice and close to an angling shop if that helps).

Q2. What do you use to make the Footy insignia and numbers on the sail? (My sails are made from v.light ripstop)



I use a braided dacron fishing line for my lines, 50# Western Filament brand. It’s white so I can see it and tie it easier.

I want to get som 50-80# Spiderwire or Spectra line, it’s thinner and would be better for the sheets. It’s very thin and dark green.

I use a Sharpie to mark my sails. Tracing over a printed template. Seems to work ok. Check to see it the ink will bleed first. Other folks have used sail tape.

Hello Nolan2
Similar to tallastro I like to use dacron, I buy #30 ‘Green Spot’ again because it is easier to see and the green spots look very ‘boaty’! For thinner line tallastro look at ‘Stren’ green specrta type line. I find it more supple than even the uncoated Spiderwire. Avoid the coated types of course because they are stiff.

Speaking of logos… I will shortly have a supply of laser cut 1/32" ply templates for either spraying the logo or drawing with a sharpie, stippling too. These will become a part of the kits and be available seperately too.


And speaking of spraying, I noticed that the Kite Studio sells spray paint made for nylon that might serve our purpose. Have not tried it tho



Thanks, that gives me a starting point.Does the #30 indicate a diameter or a breaking strain?

D’oh why didn’t I think of the kite shop (having paid them a visit very recently for some carbon tube for some reason:rolleyes: )

So that now leads us on to how I make the lead bit of the keel…I like the look of Grahams keels but I imagine that postage on a keel or two to the UK might put a bit of a damper on it?
My great theory at the mo is to make a mould and mix a lot of lead beads from the fishing shop into a small amount of slightly thickened epoxy…
Any advice before we all get to see my wifes reaction to zillions of little wet epoxy coated balls rolling round the kitchen floor and me trying to round the little whatsits up whilst dodging the incoming personalised abuse :smiley:

Thanks in advance


That’s a great link Bob, thankyou… I am about to order a load of stuff from them again so I will give a can a try.

Gordon,… ah you see as soon as I try to use this American stuff (#) a fellow fellow brit pops up and asks me what I mean… I can’t win :sly:

is lb , in other words 30lb That is a nice thickness for bowsies, too thin and they can slip. John’s 50lb would be good too but 30 should be plenty.

Shipping might be as cheap as $6 if they fit in a flat rate cardboard envelope… otherwise $10 for two leads… just to give you an idea, not being pushy.


Speaking of bowsies, I found nice looking ones at the craft store. 3 hole spacer bars for jewelry. Similar to these. Link

I love Footy technology. Any of you ever read a kid’s book called The Borrowers?

Read the book? I watched the tv series :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell me truly Garaham. Can you watch a TV series WITHOUT YOUR LIPS MOVING?:zbeer:

If my name were Garaham… then possibly not. As it is not then I must admit my lips will open and close to allow passage of the G&T…

Yo ho me hearties, yo ho…