2 piece masts

hi gang
need an answer to this question. I have always used a 6 foot mast in my IOMs. but I was wondering if any IOM guys out there use a 2 piece. the reason I ask, is that if they use a 2 piece. it would make for an easy transport . we could bascily use a 1 meter long box to carry everything. right now. we carry our boats and transmitter seperate from the mast.
just asking here. it there anybody doing it? and is there a realy big draw back to a 2 piece mast. my seawind does not seem to be affected by a 2 peice mast

Hi Cougar,
Quite a few guy’s in the USA have been using a two piece mast for exactly the same reasons. Doesnt seem to be slowing them down any.
I would guess Steve Landau would be the guy to contact.


doesnt bother me on my level!

When I got my IOM, the mast was into 2 pieces…all in one box!

A 2-piece mast would solve some problems transporting a 1m boat on an airplane, as it would all fit into the same 40-inch box.

Should be no problem for an IOM as long as the joining plug/insert is no more than 100mm, as stated in the rules.