2 New Boats in the Cleveland, Ohio Area

Very pleased to announce that Clyde Jones, Brecksville Ohio (USA) has recently registered two (2 !) NIGHTMARE F-48 multihulls.

One is in kit form, and one is pre-built, and both are from the shop of Ian Sammis (Kansas) a US builder of the F-48 NIGHTMARE trimaran.

Clyde has advised that anyone interested in information on the boat or multihulls are free to email him at: Clyde Jones

Sail numbers assigned are USA # <s>015</s> # 017 and USA # 016

Welcome Clyde, and public thanks to Ian Sammis for his continued support of multihull r/c sailing here in the U.S.

<font color=“green”><font size=“1”>EDIT: Sail number correction. Clyde has 016 and 017 while sail number 015 is assigned to Bruce Zemke of Bloomington Hills, MI.</font id=“size1”></font id=“green”>

Congratulations to Clyde and welcome!
Way to go ,Ian…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing