2 Meter match racing photos

We decided to have our own little America’s Cup today with the 2 meters, great conditions!

Great stuff John !!! keep posting those pics :slight_smile:

Nice serie of pictures. I do nevertheless have a question :


Thanks guys, it was a great day of sailing yesterday!

Claudio, the jib booms are set up with a balance point of 150mm on a 690 mm boom.
This seems to work well in a wide range of conditions (we don’t use any topping lift).
It is a bit of a compromise but is nice for simplicity.

Sorry John,
I got the impression that the jib boom was anchored to the deck like a radial boom.

No worries :cool:

Alinghi seem to have a lot more twist on both jib and main with a jib slot more open which would give it good speed but would struggle in pointing whereas Prada had tighter leech and both and a closer jib slot too- I would suspect she was pointing higher then Alinghi.

was that done on purpose and what was the outcome on the water (removing tactics and helm sailing ability) !

Great pics otherwise - always enjoy seem your boats sailing john

Good eyes. The boats are on different sails. Alinghi is using an A main & B jib, Prada is on an AP A main & AP A jib.
The AP designs are a little bit flatter and allow for slightly tighter sheeting.
Prada did have a height advantage overall, however since it’s rough where we sail this was not always the best mode to sail in upwind.
So, for the day in these conditions they were pretty even. A slight edge to Prada.
Thanks for looking!