2 Issues

Well once I got my USOM Keel and bulb installed it seems it is a bit warped, the bulb points at about 5 degrees to the centerline of the boat. I bought it used and believe it is balsa wrapped in a layer of carbon, what are my options for trying to straighten it? I have had it sitting in a jig which keeps the bulb at about 2-3 degrees in the opposite direction, and it works, but only for a limited time once out of the jig, after a day or two it goes back to it’s old ways.

Secondly, are there advantages to an above deck drum winch. I lost all my RC Boat files so my deck plans are again starting from scratch, my two options are realistic cabin top on a skiff deck (drum above deck in the cockpit), or a concave deck with the complete winch below deck. I am planning on using and S5801 and at this point placement of the winch will not upset the balance of the boat so I am free to mount it where ever. Thank you for your help.


For the keel you can use a heat gun or hair dryer and very carefully heat it in your jig and let it cool and check. Repeat until you get it how you like. Not too hot or you will wreck the carbon!