2.4 Radios Spektrum verus Futuba

To those thinking about the choice.

Over the years I have sen various items to Spektrum for repair, two TXs and at least 8 rxs. Never a charge and always replaced with new. Just received back three brand new receivers worth about $250.

Re Futuba, sent back 6EX for repair, charge $50. Just sent in FASST rx, Letter from Futuba says receiver can’t be repaired, they will sell me a new one for $70, they say retail $124 but available all over EBAY for about $70. If I don’t want new one they will charge me $20 for LOOKING at my old one!

Both Futuba TEX6 and Spektrum 6i are similar in performance, but Futuba repair center is a rip-off.

For sale, Futuba 6EX without receivers for

My Futaba 4NBL still works fine, so I prefer that. the receivers are only about $20.

Spektrum - Beware of the plastic trim switches/tabs that WILL break unless aluminum after market are installed. Also be sure to always push on the strong end of the roller or it can break. nice jokes on us.

My point was only concerning service centers.

I think your Spektrum service experience only really applies to Horizon Hobby in the USA. Few years ago I had a DX3S that for whatever reason the telemetry had packed up. UK sevice centre showed no inclination whatsoever in either looking at or repairing without an associated fee. Unit was 4 months outside of warranty period and I was told my best bet was purchasing a new receiver at £50 ($75).

I wish we had the ‘same’ Horizon Hobby over here…