2.0 Meter – No RC Gear !

This has got to be the ultimate hobbyist yacht, don’t know anything about it apart from these vids are from U.K and looks like a blast :cool:


Racing with your buddies extra cool :cool::cool:


Any one know anything about them ?

That’s a riot, very cool!

Hi John,

Found little more info:

The Minuet was originally designed and developed to enable one-design racing to take place on small areas of water not suitable for conventional craft. A major advantage with Minuet is ease of transportation, the overall length being 2.2 Meters (7.2 feet), allowing it to easily fit into an average mini-van. With GPR hull weight of less than 30 kg (66 lbs) it can be lifted onto a roof rack with ease.

Looks like the company building them out of the U.K have disappeared off the face of the earth … great pity as I’ve been looking at international 2.4 m class, but little too pricey.

Some extra vids shows it to be very stable yacht:




Here’s a video I made a few years back about the Bolger “Queen mab” I made one called the “Empress” It is also about seven feet long and easily portable. An Awesome boat to sail in, very stable in a blow. Only limitaion is comfort of skipper. I’m surprised these things havn’t caught on to my knowledge.

the 2.4 class is also not very "car portable’. as it has a full keel. so you need a crane or a deep boat ramp or a buunch od freinds to float one… the 2.4 is a blast I had the opportunity to sail one ath the US MMA many many years ago…

here is something for fun…

If you like the Norlin 2.4 check out this video , some insane heavy air sailing!!