1m cat for IOM rig plans.

This idea has been floating around a while I know, but despite my original dislike for the idea I think it is possible to make a reasonable pefromance cat using an off the shelf IOM rig. The first r/c cat I buit used one, and that experience slightly put me off the idea, but i feel witht he experience i have now it is feasable.
I’m close to having a platform design I’m happy with, but I wont be building anything untill at least the autum, and then if I build a cat it will be a more performance based one as shown a while back (the one in my avatar). With all the hoo har going on at the moment to do with multis on this forum how many people would be interested in plans for an IOM rigged cat? It will be somthing for advanced builders who can build their own lightweight hulls. The plans will be free as they will be unproved and to be honest fairly basic, as long as postage and printing doesnt work out too excessive.

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we still talking about the cat? on msn. matt
looking forward to doing this

long live the cup and cris dickson

Same boat cougar, just seeing if their’s any other interest out there…

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i 'll build one!

such is life!

you want one. then you shall have one. just remember you will have to build it. sort of like that movie field of dreams" if you build it they will come"

long live the cup and cris dickson

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This idea has been floating around a while I know, but despite my original dislike for the idea I think it is possible to make a reasonable pefromance cat using an off the shelf IOM rig.
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Matt, Cougar & Others interested in the MultiONE …

Tonite I did a bit of research and found some interesting size comparisons. You all might want to keep these in mind when you start promoting a MultiONE concept.


Maximum #1 = 2085 mm or 82 inches.
#2 = 1885 mm or 74 inches
#3 = 1685 mm or 66 inches
#4 = 1485 mm or 58 inches
(From rig tables provided with GHOST TRAIN drawings)
Recommended rig for wind strengths:
#1 Less than 12.9 knts.
#2 Less than 15.4 knts.
#3 Less than 17.3 knts.
#4 Greater than 17.4 knts.


Let’s move to the concept boat of Matt and Cougar - where they reference a desire to use an IOM rig on a MultiONE. The IOM rig is listed at 1.7 meters, 1685 mm or 66 inches. This is identical to the #3 rig of a Mini40/F-48.


Look at the rules for the MultiONE and you will see that the maximum mast height above deck is 85 inches or 2159 mm! This is a taller mast than allowed on the Mini40/F-48 !!!

So I guess my question remains to those concerned about capsize of the larger multihulls … why wouldn’t you drop back to one of the smaller rig sizes #3 or #4 and learn to sail with the boat powered the same or slightly less than the IOM? Again, my point - I guess is that just because it is allowed, everyone feels they must use it, but then comment on how much the boat capsizes. Gee!

Now -let’s look at the MultiONE and IOM with the same rig. (a #3 for example)

Both boats have same length.
Multi has wider beam and less tipping
Multi (probably) weighs a bit more than the IOM
IOM has a lead keel
Can we assume they then weigh roughly the same?
So now we have both boats of comparable sail area and rig height. Which one wins? If all else is the same, could we suggest the multihull might because it has it’s sail vertical to water and the IOM would be sialing at a heeled angle. BUT, how high can a multi point compared to an IOM? and If the multi is a bit slower tacking, would the IOM win? And if by chance the three hull weight is still less than the IOM with it’s lead, could the multi win? Ahhhh - we could go on with the what-if’s once again. It would be so easy to get a few multi’s built, weighed and then race them against the IOM with comparable sail power. Anyone want to bet that IF you could keep the multiONE on it’s feet using the #1 rig that the multi would blow the IOM away?

I would be interested in seeing someone build and race an IOM just to see a comparison. Anyone willing?

Dick Lemke
F-48 #US-06
MultiONE #US-06
Class 3 Landyacht #US-196

Dick, fuzzy logic there slightly, no way will a IOM rigged cat weigh the same as a fully riiged iom with keel. It will probally be closer to an IOM minus keel, The displacement I’m looking at is about 1.5-1.7 kg all up. I’m not saying use an IOM top rig, the idea is that anybody half serious with iom’s will have the other two that could be put on the boat also. It wont be a rocketship by multi standards but it should be more than quick enough to get people hooked!
This isnt a blind concept, its been thought about a fair while.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Sorry to bring up an old thread but I had the same thought, wondering if anyone else proceeded. I did make a cat once for my IOM rig, it was sort of like hobie hulls with but no rocker and with daggers as well. As you can imagine it did not tack upwind at all, was fast (in about 20Kts) but only sailed it once before giving up. Now with a bit more knowledge it would be nice to try again.

Nick -

I proceeded and built a 1 Meter trimaran. It had one rig as specified in the MultiONE specs/rules, and a second rig that I pulled from an old 36/600 design and dropped on it. Of the two - by far the big rig was fastest - but only in light winds. Once wind picked up, the tri became a handful - but greatly exciting to sail.

Using the smaller rig (nearly half the total area) the tri still had respectable speed in light winds (but not like the maxi-rig) but it really performed well in medium to stronger winds. At the time of it’s “windy” sail, no video, but I must say that seeing spray half way up the main from bow and leeward floats WAS exciting. If I were to build anew rig, I might stay with the tall pink/white main sail, but move to a much smaller jib to get maximum airflow over the lower part of the main that might reduce tipping from too much power above. Even the 36/600 rig/combo (green/white) could use a bit smaller jib - staying away from 7/8 or masthead height and down to a 5/8 or 3/4 size jib.

I will have to get the old 1 Meter out and get some video and photos on the water again. Once it warms up enough so gloves aren’t required!

The red boat was a scaled down Mini40 “PULSE” (U.K. - Mike Friend) and was built/owned by John Ronda from state of Washington. It is of 1 Meter size and from all appearances performed very well in medium winds. Can’t find photo of my 1 meter tri with small rig - must be on PC at home.