1941 Comet kit Gypsy Sloop

Ron here from Ontario, Canada .

I found this old sailboat kit at a yard sale this past summer. I knew it had potential to sail using mini Rc servos. However, having not set-up one with such a small cabin I would like some suggestions from more experienced builders.

The sailboat has a length of 15”. I rigged the jib to be set using the Bowsie. It is the servo set up for the main that I am not sure about, which is where your help is desired.

Using my IPad and cannot get photos to attach.

If you google on “Footy Class” you’ll find a wealth of information on RC for boats this size. I would suggest a two-hatch solution, a removable cabin for battery access and a larger, screw-down hatch holding it for occasional access to “the works.”



Thanks Earl. The boat is built now and servos, batteries installed. Tried to post photos but not able to do it using my IPad. Will try on my pc