16 foot sfiffs in Australia Part 1

Taken a few months ago, forgotten about them. Aus Champs held locally,



Years ago there was an attempt to get the 16s established as a class in New Zealand. There was some sponsorship from Citizen Watches and from memory we got 3 or 4 boats over from Aussie. This would have been 1978 I think. One of the guys I raced with on big boats at the time was active in trying to establish the class. As I recall, one of the class rules at the time was that you had to have a “boy” (that’s a non-gender specific term) onboard - someone under a certain age (I think 14). They were supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the Flying 18s.

From the look of these photos, the requirement for the youngster has been ditched.

Great to see that the class is still going in Aussie.

i might be sailin a 16 at belmont this comin season. (on David Marshall First National Real Estate)