"1290" a New Class M

Since the idea of using shorter LWL is going on, this time is for new Class M. Except the shorter LWL as allowed by the 2016 Rules = 1210mm, the remaining is a classic Hull Design. No Chine this time since the shroud’s attachment points would be too close to the mast base and incompatibles with the spreader’s width and tall above 2.0mt mast. As optional one could introduce a fore deck roof as well the sloped transom and reverse bow. The appendices area is kept at 6.5% of Sail Area. Not excluded to use smaller size Fin and Rudder to comply with wind conditions. All drawings included in one single PDF files. Excluded all rigs drawings except Type If needed the Prismatic Coefficient can be increased a bit. Rigging drawings in progress ! ClaudioD

In the frame of the “Build Log” of the ‘1290’ class M, I have prepared the first Sail Rig type A.
The RIG A2 have a peculiarity since part of the Main lower surface is transferred to top of the sail.
The aim is to get more surface at the top where the wind is more stable. See Old and New profile.
The third Rig is a Type B - Swing Rig.
The Jib is at 27% ! Probably a 26% could be better to keep swing stability.
Attached the general table guide for Class M Rig Data and some Sails drawings

How to draw a Class M Sails just read the small file below