12 meter americas cup

got a quick question
people are building alot of the “next generation” Americas cup boats… 92-on…

but just wondering IF somebody wanted to build … say “freedom”… where would you find drawings? is there a book out there… or a website… Canada 1 would be an awesome build ( i am canadian)

anybody got an idea?

Hey Cougar,
it’s been a long time since we heard last time! How are you?

I don’t know exactly where to find plans for freedom or canada 1, but I’ve got a nice and detailed plan for a rc model of Australia II that has been published years ago (maybe 1983) on the french mag MRB (Modeles Reduit de Bateaux). It’s a sailing scale version complete in every detail, about 1,5 m long. I’don’t know exactly where I’ve buried that plan, but if you’re interested I may look for it and give you some more details.
Let me know if you find something on some other 12, I relly like them!


it has been a long time… how the heck are ya…
i have been here but been dealing with alot of famliy problems… and as i always tell people… family has to come first…

i posted this here… because i am interested in the 12 meter class… i see alot of people building the newer boats and the old j class… both look great by the way, But i seldom see a 12 meter being model… so i think i may like to take a pass at one… only reason i said Canada 1 or freedom… i saw both of those boats in person… Canada 1 was built about 100 miles from my front door… and i saw her tune up in lake ontario… i got to see freedom in newport during the 83 trails… never knew why they did not chose her… ever time i saw freedom… she was out in front. liberty or defender… i guess when you build a new boat…you sort of have to take it. fast or not…

i am still on the hunt for the 12 meter drawings… would like to take a peak at your aussie 2 drawings…


I have had the same problem. Though maybe a bit less specific. I have been looking for any America’s Cup boats. “J” or 12 Metre. Being unable to make up my mind.

Books seem to be dead end:
Chevalier’s book “America’s cup yacht designs, 1851-1986" is out of print, with the last know sale of a copy (that I can find) was an estate sale. Where the book sold for something around $6000.00!
“Lines: A Half-Century of Yacht Designs by Sparkman & Stephens, 1930-1980" is still in print, with a used copy selling for $500.00. It only has the drawings for S&S boats. While most of the 12 Metre winners were S&S boats, the book would not include any of the challengers. Then I understand the book includes all of their boats.

Taubman has some boats (http://www.taubmansonline.com/)
America 3 (http://www.taubmansonline.com/MRBAMERICA3.htm)
Australia II (http://www.taubmansonline.com/MRBAUSTRALIAII.htm) & (http://www.taubmansonline.com/MRBAUSTRALIAII2.htm)

The 12 Metres are particularly hard to find plans for. I think much of this might be due to the duo rudder/trim tab - keel/skeg designs from the mid 60’s. Starting with the Intrepid we get away from two channel R\C control. I suppose that one could ignore the trim tab, but what would be the point???

I have been told, that the best bet is to just contact the builders/architects, explain what you want, and ask!
So I think that I shall start with a “J”.


Regarding drawings of J boats, this book is expensive but contains information and line drawings of all of the J boats built, along with those that weren;t,


If you have a specific J boat in mind try contacting this chap who has detailed line drawings available for at least some of the boats (I’ve disguised the address to avoid it being trawled from the site by the bad guys, just translate it back to the correct format); serrao at eastlink dot ca


there are some people here building j class… I went out and got the book claudio is using… but i think a 12 meter would be cool to see

i found this book…
and i bought it… just have to wait and see what it contains… hoping there is some drawings… and i just stumbles acrossed it

thanks for your book… i might take a look at it as well