10Rater and AC class plans?

I’m trying to improve my design knowledge, [:-boggled] and would like to study 10Rater (I have the IONA plan) and AC class plans. Anyone know of any that are downloadable? Thanks for any links you can provide.


There are several plans on the AMYA for the AC class. there is a charge . . .but I dont remember how much. They are not the latest greatest. . . but a pretty good idea.

as for 10 raters. . . you might want to get in touch with mark gee I believe it is.

I’ve build the IONA last year … sails great and quite easy to build …



Download Attachment: IONA2.jpg

Here are construction photos of a 10R I finished last summer. It is based on a Marblehead hull.


Surplus Marblehead hulls are plentiful. The speed is, of course, the same as a Marblehead – it has identically same waterline. But the acceleration is much better. Essentially the same power to weight ratio as an advanced 36-600. A dragster, in short.

IMHO, the 10R class may actually have a future – something exciting to do with the old M-boat.

In sum, I would adapt an M rather than work from scratch.

Regards, mcg

I appreciate the tips, guys…Thanks [:-thumbu]


Speaking of 10 Raters. I think it would be a cool project to build but I am having trouble understanding the formula.
I saw rating= L x S x 8, where L is the LWL, S is the area of the sails and the rig. It could be the units or it may be a typo, but if someone could help me out that would be great. Thanks alot.
Andrew Miller

It seems part of my post got deleted or something not real sure. But it doesnt appear to me how the formula given can result in a boat that is the size of the boats I have seen pictures of. Hopefully that will clarify my question a bit.
Andrew Miller

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This should be a link to the 10 Rater Rule;
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OK, Who`se a clever boy then?
This is the IYRU download page, if you spool down to the 10 Rater class you will find the answer to everything you were afraid to ask.
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