10 Rater Pix

Got a new dig cam, canon S2 is, 12x optical zoom. Took, mainly 10 Raters, at the Gold Coast Australia. Gallerys on http://www.oziomz.com


Nick Lindsley
Australia 0418 727-727
Intl +61+418-727.727

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Dick Lemke
F-48 #US-06
MultiONE #US-06
Class 3 Landyacht #US-196
Minnesota, USA

[}:)]Great pictures as always Nick.
It is my humble opinion that the 10 raters of today fortell the shape of the Americas Cup hulls of the near future. Wait and see. It used to take around ten years for them to catch up, but of recent times that has shortened down to around five years.
Maybe we will see Australia back in the cup with a design by Robinson or Smith.
Wouldn`t that be great.[:-propeller][%|:-)]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.