1 meter reviews Please!!!

I am looking for a good, Complete!, plan for a 1 meter boat, I don’t mind paying if the plans good and will produce a quality racer. I have been going through a lot of stuff lately trying to decide on what type to build. Time is also not a comcern if the end product is high quality. This will however be my first scratch built 1 meter so throughness is also important. So heres my request. For those of you who have built your own 1 meters from scratch, could you review your own boats sailing performace, plans and build process. Also if possible a address where the plan may be bought…

Many thanks

Wind is like air, only faster.

Are you interested in US1M designs or IOM designs?

Will Gorgen

You can try www.rcsegel.de they sell the KITE plan. It’s a great boat. But I haven’t raced with it.
Or try this topic http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=680&SearchTerms=plans

Good luck with it

I built a Kite two years ago. Straight forward construction method, I used cedar planks. Plans from sales@sailsetc.com cost ?15 plus postage.
Email them for Euro sales details. They are a very helpfull company.


I am look for US1M Reviews as thats the only class sailing in this general area.


I am new to the US1M class. I am building a radical boat based on the Cobra hull. I do not have a lot of experience with the other boats out there. But, here I what I hear from the class insiders:

The fastest design on the water is still the Sterne Venom. The Smith Cobra seems to be a pretty strong performer as well, especially in light wind. Unfortunately for you, there are no plans for either of these boats. You have to buy them from the manufacturers.

I have heard some good things about the Zipper III performance. I do not have first hand experience, but the buzz in the class is that this is a good design, though perhaps somewhat biased toward lighter winds. The Mistral is still considered to be a very competitve boat especially in a wide range of cinditions. So I would try either of these two designs.

What are your goals? Do you plan to race and want to be competitive? Or are you less interested in building the fastest boat on the water and are really looking for a boat that is a well mannered, good sailing boat.

If you want the fastest boat, but still want to build it yourself, I would look at the Zipper III.

If you want a well mannered boat that will sail well in all conditions, I would go for the Mistral.

Contact Jim Linville for both of these plans. You can also visit the US1M Yahoo site and ask for more advice there: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/us1mrcsailing/

  • Will

Will Gorgen

My goal is to build a few of the same design that my wife and I can play with on a local pond. We are both Great Lake sailors who got landlocked due to jobs.

While a (relively) local club does in fact race the US1M Boats I’m more interest in being competeive if we ever go there, but not really on winning. Just so both boats are really sturdy, have good responses to control, and feel and act like the real thing. I think we’ll be happy with the Mistral, I’ve been looking at it for a bit have not made up my mind. I am still looking for alturnitives.

I think the Mistral is going to be your best bet. The design has been built by many people over the years so I’m guessing that the plans are really well documented and easy to follow. Plus there are people around that can help answer your questions. I have also seen some websites where people chronicle the building of their Mistral boat, so you can get help from those pictures as well…

The Mistral is still regarded as the most “user freindly” US1M as it seems to be very well behaved across a wide wind range. And it still considered a very competitive design so you will not be giving anything up to the newer designs…

  • Will

Will Gorgen


As Will said there is a ton of information online about the Mistral. Just finished fiberglass the second Mistral hull here.

As for building her, very very easy and simple constrution. I took ideas from about four sites to build mine. And used the US1M construction manual also. Lots of info in it.

any questions you have can be answered here or on the US1M yahoo group.