1 Meter "IMPULSE" drawings for Olivier66

The following are photos and 3 line drawing/plans for IMPULSE, a MultiONE class multihull. It was designed to use the main hull twice for a catamaran configuration, or one main hull and 2 floats for a trimaran configuration.

Olivier66 had requested these - but thought maybe I could stir the pot/interest if I re-posted. Note that this was made using a foam plug, covered with glass. Foam removed and two hull sides attached for an empty hull.

I would recommend after sailing it a bit, that the float hull volumes be increased by about 15% to give more volume/buoyancy to the floats. Rig can be an IOM rig sails, but eventually one would make sails specific for the boat (meaning flatter cut) since you aren’t pushing a lot of lead around the pond. A good fast sail servo HiTec 815 should be used for holding sail in during strong winds - but also because it is fast in case you need to sheet out. No slow winches here!