1.8m new video

A little video from today sailing my 1.8m design in open water, winds ranging from 10-15 knots.
Dodging ferry boats, kayakers & thunderstorms it was a fun day.
Tricky to sail and try & film yourself though! Please forgive my crappy driving…:cool:

Tell me about it not easy !!! I know cos I also take pictures and video when we’re out with the IOM but not easy to do it while sailing too.

Anyway well done your boat looks great, balanced and seems to handle like an IOM too, quick tacking. It is deceptive though - difficult to appreciate its size as there is nothing to compare it against.

What material you used for the sails - they look like on the real boat - they look like a mylar film with kevlar threads or similar ? what the grammage ?

well done anyway on what looks a fantastic boat. Own design ?


Thanks for checking it out, fun day on the water!

I designed the boat using Delftship & had a CNC shop machine the plug, from that 2 part female molds were made.
Construction is all Carbon.
The idea behind the design is to have an open water One Design Class. So far I’ve sailed it in up to 25 knots will good reliability & performance.
It’s a pretty big boat, total weight is 28 lbs 21 is ballast. The RC setup here is 2 channel.

The fabric used for the sails (B size for 10-15 knots) is from Challenge Sailcloth a 1.9 oz Kelvar scrim. It’s a little heavy but fine for this range.
I’m a sail designer by trade so I design them with the software at work & cut them on the laser plotter we have.
The setup this day wasn’t perfect though, the main was a little to full.

Hi John, as always impressed by your 1.8 AC boats only wish I could have some-one to sail with in this neck of the woods … I would have one immediately :slight_smile:

You say complete carbon hull/deck may I ask how you using RX anttena … above or below deck while avoiding open water reception problems ? currently have CF hull/deck under construction and my only concern is with carbon blocking signal between 2.4 Ghz Tx/Rx.

Cheers Alan

Thank you, so far there are 4 of these boats hope to build a few more this year.
The size is great for open water but is bigger than many people want to deal with…
I’ve gotten used to it though and don’t have much trouble with the transport etc.

The antena is just taped to the underside of the large plexi hatch. So far there have been no problems with reception even when sailing pretty far away.

I’d say so I sourced a maxi RC in France (replica of Illbruck a VOR60) of 2.4m - you can see pics here http://iomireland.org/bigrcboats.html (click on the Illbruck). It is a fantastic boat with backstay, kicker, full overlapping genoa, main and even main track controlled via the Tx. Simply magnificent but big a need a bit of time to rig up. But a truly joy to helm and see on the water.

Need a stiff mast to control the leech on a boat like that. Really like the sails and from your response now I know why they look great. Could be just the angle of the picture but the max draft on the main looks quite back ? how did you make the mast ?

Atb, Gilbert

Very cool maxi, thanks for the link. 2.4 is a bit big for me, what are they using for a winch on a boat that big? We are still able to use an RMG 380 es to control both the main & jib.

We also have a 3rd channel to control the backstay but don’t use it much.

The masts are made by my father & I, they are Carbon built over a mandrel and feature an internal boltrope groove.
The section is 30mmX12.5mm and is very stiff. Our mast is 93 inches tall and weighs 8 ounces (226 grams).

As to the mainsail, the biggest issue with this main is volume, it’s to full for “b” conditions. I’ve had good results with the draft between 45-50% on the mains for this boat though.
Should have time to make a new version of the “B” main next week.

no rmg on that boat but a lot of poulies to reduce the load on the winches - and only one winch per sail. Winch were home made - recup of old windscreen wiper motor system modified with sensors for end of sheet travel. works well and the boat is sure to impress !

mast sounds pretty good alright. your talent is not only as sailmaker then :wink: overall very impressive !

Thank you, yeah the mast is pretty slick and key to making the boat work.
Here’s a show of light air testing today with the “A” sails:

here’s the video: