1/32 Scale Gloucester Schooner

It was a warm and breezy April Sunday afternoon and I test launched my unfinished schooner to see how it would handle. It has a bulb type keel, an idea I got from John Dowd and his magnificent 1/20 scale schooner. For over 3 years he has given me a lot of advice. Thanks JayDee :slight_smile:

Here’s the YouTube link


I am not a crack skipper so the handling was a little sloppy. Besides, it’s
tough controlling an RC model with one hand and holding a video camera with the other :p.

The hull is built plank on frame using material from the Local Home Depot supply stores that are common here in the US. The hull is planked using poplar strips that I ripped from an inexpensive Ryobi table saw. I’ve taken a number of pictures during the construction and I will post them when I get a chance.


Very nice!

Hello Ben,

What a fabulous boat !!!.
Thank you for posting the video for all to see.


That’s a lovely schooner, Ben. Looking forward to seeing your build photos. :slight_smile:


Very nice Ben, it must feel good sailing the boat and gathering admiring spectators!


Looks nice! I’ve been working on my second schooner this past weekend, it’s a Footy:D.

It’s October and we had our last funfloat of the year at the South Orange
Seaport Society. Here’s a video of me beating about with two other guys


I will try to had some more details this winter :slight_smile:

here’s a YouTube Video slide show on how I built the model:

here’s a You Tube Video of my boat sailing with the other guys in the model boat club:

BugsBenny, (‘love that!)
I watched ‘er sail an’ D/L’d th’ build vid. She’s just lovely. And th’ build vid will be a help t’ me as I’m just startin’ out in boats.


Here is a photo of my Bluenose Schooner.
Taken at the Fleetwood Club lake in the NW of England.
The lake is salt water, taken from the sea at high tide, and is right on the coast, so gets plenty of Wind !.

The model is 1/20 Scale, 7 feet long, weight is nearly 70 pounds.
Details of the build are on my website