1/24 Sha Chuan Junk

Yes, its good to see a scale sailing section here.

I’m just starting 1/24 scale junk, a 3-masted flat bottom sha chuan or sand junk that has been used prominently for centuries in the rivers & bay around Hangzhou where I live.

I’ll post photos as the build progresses but thought I’d attach one of the plans to give you an idea of the size which is slightly over one meter. This one is not designed to be a speed demon - I’ll leave that for my IOM.


Looks a bit like a pram with rounded chines. Will each sail batten be sheeted or just the lowest one (boom)?

It does resemble an Optimist a bit, doesn’t it?

I hope to go with a mutlipart main with euphroes & multiple sheetlets to the battens but we’ll see…

To be more specific, the design is actually of a Hangchow trading junk that was used heavily in the area. Here are a few photos of a static model from Vietnam that is close in appearance to what mine will be. Mine will include a removable keel since I doubt those leeboards will be do more than look good on the water.

I expect the local population will be more impressed with this model than they are of our IOMs. :zbeer:


But making the lee boards change with the tack would be cool :wink:

I plan to make the boards operational off a servo but not sure what benefit I’ll get out of them besides the coolness factor.

I’ll try to put a few photos up today after I get the framing done.

Here are a few photos of my progress. As you can in one photo, I’ve found some issues with the drawings which have since been corrected.

I’m not following traditional method of building a junk which consisted of laying down the hull planking first & then building solid bulkheads or ribs as they went up the sides. The keel will be strengthened from the main mast step aft to #6 frame to give added support to the detachable keel.

As soon as I get done ripping planks, I’ll start planking the bottom of the hull.


As the old saying goes, “better late than never”!

Here are a few photos of the hull as she currently sits. The plans offer a more rounded chine that what I wish I had originally gone with but overall I’m happy with the result, especially after having seen a few working junks & sampans down on the coast. When it comes to planking, they were never designed to be a pretty boat.

I’ve got a few more planks to finish the hull before starting on the mast sockets, equipment trays & fin box for the removable keel. Deck will be slightly below the bulwarks as per the plans I’m using which are more akin to what was used in the immediate area around Hangzhou.

I’ll start on the sheeting arrangement later this week as soon as I finish up with the planking & internals. Am going with a continuous winch setup with the mainsail able to reef using the lazy jacks.


Alright Chuck,

Where are the Ironclads ? And how is super cat doing after his little jump out the window a while back ? And you thought that you could change your screen name and slip by under the radar … By the way the junk is looking nice.

over yonder in portland


Great to see you slumming with the rest of us here! :smiley:

The ironclads & other scale projects will remain over at the other forums but Bangbang may make an appearance here as my apprentice junk builder. He got all excited once I brought out the Gorilla Glue recently. :wink:

BTW, this is my local handle that I use in HZ. Don’t tell anyone!



I am trying to decide what I want to build this winter, it is down to thee possibility’s, a Baltimore Clipper, a J Class or the Yacht America. So now you know why I was slumming here.:smiley:


PS Glad to hear that Bangbang is doing well. My cat is convinced that there are mice in my hobby room and she has to get them, so every time I open the door she tries to get in and then it takes two or three hours to get her out.

By all means, go for the Baltimore Clipper. I saw the Pride of Baltimore II in June while visiting my sons in Jacksonville but unfortunately didn’t have the chance to tour her. You can’t beat those beautiful lines of a topsail schooner!

I also already thinking of another classic sail project during the winter myself currently & mulling over several hulls from Waverley Models to help speed up the build. The pilot cutter is my favorite but those unorthodox lines of the mackerel driver would look nice alongside the junk. Its not like I really need another kit considering all the other existing & planned projects laying around. :wink:

I’ve already started on another hull while working the junk which is “slated” to be a quick build - its a 4 wheel Song Dynasty paddle warship that you may have already seen mentioned in one of my posts over at Paddleducks. I’ll start a build thread there once I have some progress to show.


Pride of Baltimore II

Noted with thanks. Got my names mangled since Spirit of Massachusetts was right beside her.


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