1:10 Class Rebirth

Hello all, been gone for a bit as my car started sucking up some(all) of my sailing funds now that I have started taking out to the track to learn how to drive a little safer, faster and smarter. As my 1:12 TP52 plug build comes to an end I have started to draw another boat in CAD during my lunch hour. This one is going to be a 1:10 STP65 that I have derived from a set of big boat lines that were given to me (not allowed to mention the designer). I think the lines will adapt well to such a large boat and was curious if I made my sections available would it encourage anybody into building one of their own. Now I realize building a boat this big is much more than just getting a design but it is a start. I have 22 sections that I plan on having laser cut and then built on a board just like you might an IOM. At the very least, I enjoy building plugs and seeing such a large hull come together and would love to do it again. If I can have someone to build with/against, maybe it will keep me a little more efficient and time oriented. Again I know this is a stretch because it will be huge (78"long), but fun none the less. The files are in AutoCAD. I would request your honesty in your intentions. Please do not request the lines if you do not plan on attempting to build a boat.
You can reach me at Millrtme@comcast.net