1:10 Centurion 32

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine got a Centurion 32 (1:1 scale) and asked me if I could build a RC model of it. After looking for drawings and pictures, and have been sailing the real one by 6-7 (and have been ill… ), I found this project very interesting !
I found drawings but neither sections plans nor front or rear pictures of the boat out of water. And my friend’s boat is moored 1017 km from here, so…
If anyone got any information, picture or plan, you’re welcome.


Hi Paulin,

the most simple thing is to write or call Wauquiez, they should not have troubles to provide a photocopy of an old boat



I found these picture and it can be used to retrace the main shadow :


Thanks for the pictures. Concerning Wauquiez: I send them an e-mail last week. I’ll try again…