world winch

Anyone know who bought the world winch line? mine is over 10 years old and needs a center gear. i attached some pics.

Download Attachment: DSC00140.gif


Phililp, not sure about who bought the line, but that gear looks really familar. You might take come measurements off of it. It looks about the same as maybe one of the Futaba S-148 gears?


Do you mean a “Whirlwind” winch? If so they are still in business in England operated by Keith Skipper. Ten years is a pretty good lifespan for a winch. Might be time for a new one.

the label on the winch says world. it’s at least 14 years old. i did locate a gear set through a fellow club member but, i will take some measurements and count teeth and hunt harder for gears. the center gear which stripped at near full close hauled is plastic and the others are either metal or brass. the little pinions are brass. strange how my gears stripped and the other us1ms with the same winch never faltered. thanks all.[:-timebm]

Probably from a company called World Engines. I had a quarter scale winch from them from about 1980.It may be still in the musty dusty corners of the workshop, will advise when I get home tonight. Clyde

I seem to remember a World Radio company that were distributed through Polk Hobbies. I remember they had some neat radio ideas, never really took off. Not sure if its the same place or not.