Where to mount keel & mast?

When you figure out where to put your mast on a Footy, I suppose you can do it the same way as with a 1M, but how do you figure out where to hang the keel? Do you just use the lowest point on the hull, or float the hull & put the bulb inside so it sits right?

Even with some of the designs like BobAbout, I wonder, let alone the razor, where there areisn’t any details about where the keel goes. I even have an idea about my own hull design.


Big can of worms there mate.Best you start reading some books to educate yourself.mast/keel positions etc are very critical on all boats and hard to get right first time.
The great thing about the Footy is you can experiment and educate yourself for little outlay,dont be discouraged if it doesnt work first time.Eventually you get a feel for the forces at work and gain more understading.It takes time but its the only way to learn.