what's in the box???

I was asked to look at developing something for this class, and I read the rules the other night and it said that the boat was to fit in a box 12x12x6

OK… what does “fit” in the box mean? As in, if there was a lid on it? So excluding the mast, the hull/keel/rudder should fit within the enclosed box is that the idea? ( Sorry, to me a box is a 5 sided cardboard gizmo that doubles as a trashcan and when I get a good one, the ol lady throws the whole thing away and I have to go get another one. I am guessing that you cannot have anything sticking up above the 12" vertical.


That’s the general idea, Larry. Allowance is made for bowsprit, bumpkin, and rudder to extend beyond the box. There’s a good illustration in the Summary Rules.

Have fun with Footys…Bill H

I’m going to open my big mouth again. Last time I started something it almost ended with an international incident. :wink:

If the slots provided in the box for the rudder, bumkin, and bowsprit are not used. Can they stick out of the box in any way? If I was deciding I would say “no” but I don’t think batteries are ballast either. Can anything else stick out of the slots? Like the mast or keel in a strange orientation. I read the rules as requiring the mast and rigging to be in sailing trim while fitting the hull into the box.


P.S. If anyone would like, you can add yourself to the Footy Sailing map at Frappr!. http://www.frappr.com/footysailing I’d like to see where in the world Footy skippers are located. I like the international aspect of this class. I’m even going to buy a metric tape measure. :slight_smile:

I ran across this cartoon in my files from back when we were discussing/debating the development of “BOX” class rules for the F-48. While it is F-48 oriented, I’m sure many can relate. If it fits - it’s legal !


A photo may help… this is an image of a Kittiwake derivative with a bowsprit ‘in’ the box. The keel does not reach the base so the hull is held up to clear the booms above the top edges of the open box.

Can anything else stick out of the slots?

In this case the rudder support tube and short tube standoff and therefore part of the rudder tiller arm fit into the slot along with the rudder blade itself. I questioned this before completing this design and it was cleared by one of the rules administrators.

Brett advised me to build a ‘box’ first and he was right, so much does become clear when you have the box rather than trying to make measuremants. So I pass on his good advice.

footy #10

Hey that looks just like my box. :slight_smile: We may have no 2 boats alike but at least all our boxes will be the same. Maybe we should have a onedesign box regatta.

My box won’t float…it’s got a hole in the bottom

Like box, like boat… huh Bob? :rolleyes:

Isn’t water for ballast, Graham?:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that much!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Then mend it Dear Robert, Dear Robert, Dear Robert …